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Make Better Music with Harmony Central | View Online | V17.8

Welcome to Make Better Music! We hope you dig this issue and that it provides you with useful information in your quest to make better music.

In this edition, Chris Loeffler puts his foot down and explains how to choose the right pedalboard for your needs—and then explains the different guitar effect formats so you can make informed decisions for your guitar rig. Chris also goes beyond the blues with the Gibson ES-Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. Phil test drives the Fender Acoustic SFX Acoustic Instrument Amplifier, as well as waxes nostalgic with the beautifully done Martin Archives book. Craig gives the lowdown on parallel processing for your bass, presents a Craig’s List with somewhat disturbing uses for old CDs, and turns a vacation into a story by covering what it’s like not to be the target demographic for a music-themed cruise—and why he had a fantastic time anyway

Finally, guest contributor Blake Wright takes you to the Dwarfcraft Devices factory and gets all warm and fuzzed out.

Harmony Central Milestone

Harmony Central hit a milestone last week, and while it may not be a big deal to everyone, to us it most certainly is. But seriously…what does a dog named “Fender” and a convenience store in Utah have to do with HC? There’s only one way to find out…


Choosing A Pedal Board

Feature Article: How To Choose A Pedalboard
by Chris Loeffler

No... not a paddleboard...pedalboard

MORE >>>

Craigs List Old CDs

Craig's List: 5 Ultra-Nifty Uses For Old CD's
by Craig Anderton

Don’t do the first one! You’ve been warned...

MORE >>>

Fender SFX Acoustic Amp

Expert Review: Fender Acoustic SFX Amplifier
by Phil O'Keefe

Acoustic instrument amp? Mini-PA? Make up your mind!

MORE >>>

Dwarfcraft Devices

Feature Article: Dwarfcraft 'Left To Its' Devices
by Blake Wright

Cool proof that nice guys don’t always finish last

MORE >>>

RocknRomance Cruise-Little River Band

Bonus Article: Rockin' The Boat
by Craig Anderton

Waves meet waveforms in a floating concert festival

MORE >>>

Gibson Memphis ES LPC Black Beauty

Expert Review: Gibson Memphis ES-LPC Black Beauty
by Chris Loeffler

Because sometimes...you just gotta play beyond the Blues...

MORE >>>

Parallel Processing for Bass

Feature Article: The Power of Parallel Processing for Bass
by Craig Anderton

Think bass and most effects don't get along? Solved!

MORE >>>

National Acts

Expert Review: The Martin Archives (Book)
By Phil O'Keefe

Scrapbook treasures that span two centuries

MORE >>>

Why Use Effects

Feature Article: Guitar Effect Formats
By Chris Loeffler

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese ...

MORE >>>

Rock Rewind

Feature Article: HC's Rock Rewind - March 27th - April 9th
by Team HC

Hendrix sets his first guitar on fire and the world loses the greatest drummer of all time

MORE >>>

Gibson USA 2017 Model Year

The 11 Contracts That Every Artist, Songwriter And Producer Should Know
What Do You Get When You Combine A Classic British Preamp With A Legendary American FET Compressor?
Latest Cakewalk SONAR Update Focuses On MIDI With Redesigned Editing And Bluetooth MIDI Support
Along Came A (Much Bigger) Spider
Have You Heard The Buzz About The Swarm Oscillator?

Cakewalks Sonor Home Studio

A Fundamental Question About Pre-Delay
Is There A Good Rotating Speaker Pedal Out There?
Tuning Your Guitar
Time For A Keyboard Upgrade - Any Suggestions?
Installing K&K Pure Western Mini Acoustic Pickups

Epiphone Contest April 2017

Tube Works MOSValve MV-962
GLEB Custom Tubelead 50
ADA APP-1 Preamp Pedal
Harmony H304-A Guitar Amplifier
Gibson Midtown Kalamazoo

Neat Microphone Guitar Banner

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Dendy Jarrett  Executive Director
Craig Anderton  Editorial Director
Phil O'Keefe  Senior Editor
Chris Loeffler  Senior Editor
Blake Wright  Contributor Editor
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