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where to use better cables in signal chain

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  • where to use better cables in signal chain

    i am "upgrading" my setup and incorporating a couple patchbays in my home studio. i've purchased some cabling that to me seems a step up from HOSA-type cables, but not enough to replace all my lower quality stuf. so my question is, what parts of the signal chain would be most affected by cable quality? i would assume speaker cables would be low on the list, and mic cables would be near the top, but what about the rest? thanks in advance.


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    Ok well since we don't know what sort of setup you have:

    Try to get the best quality going from your mic/line into your recorder (whether that is through a preamp/board or whatever).

    You want your initial recording to be the best quality you can get... cause if that's dirty, then there's nothing that'll really really fix it.


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      ok, that's what i was assuming. thanks LC. so for those who perhaps did not share because i did not share, here is the basic setup:

      --pre's are either outboard or the mixer (AMEK BCII going from insert sends (no direct outs)).

      --from AMEK/outboard pre to patchbay to Tascam TSR-8 R2R.

      --then TSR-8 to patchbay, to AMEK line ins

      --Amek L/R to patchbay to Audiophile 24/96

      --I am using outboard effects and compression at various points in the chain as well.

      I am sending effects (less compression) via aux sends. i would guess that I could use lower quality here if i had to as the dry tracks are coming through another path.

      But as a rule of thumb, would it be safe to say that the farther upstream in the signal chain, the greater the effect of using higher quality cables?

      thanks again.