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  • Vocal harmony creator software

    There are some great floor pedals for live vocal use such as the TH Helicon Voicelive.

    Are there VST's that create the same thing for recording?

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    yes,,,try the antares vocal harmony.


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      I just had a look at the Antares plug-in and its not really what I'm after.

      There are units out there that produce a vocal harmony dependant on what note your singing AND what chord your guitar or keyboard is playing. I like this idea and think it will make adding depth to vocal track very simple in a DAW.

      I realise the "correct" way to get a fat vocal is to actually sing the harmonys, but after listening to a few demo's on youtube ..... it will speed up my recording time.

      As the Helicon unit is a pedal for live use it costs a lot of money compared to a plug-in.
      I would love a VST version.


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        vielklang Instant Harmony V1.5. I got it awhile back on a cheapo sale. It's not as good as Antares Harmony EFX or any of the TC-Helicon stuff but it does do one thing that's creates a midi track(s) of your harmony parts which comes in very handy. This helped me much with my vocal lessons..


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          My intention with the Helicon pedal is to let it "show me the way" by generating a harmony (which you can send to one output clean) and then I would learn that part and sing it to make it sound more natural.
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