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Here's some free/cheap sounds in action


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  • Here's some free/cheap sounds in action

    I compose on a laptop,Windows XP,using Cubase SE-3 as my DAW.
    In the song I'm linking to,you will hear :
    Piano : DSK Piano mixed with Edirol Grand piano (from Orchestra,for the hights)
    Cello and full strings from Edirol Orchestra.
    and some saw-strings from Korg M1,and some choir from same.
    Bass is a free 4front Bass with Kjaerhus classic compressor.
    Guitar is my Strat through a Pod XT.Delay from a Kjaerhus classic delay plug-in.Reverb from a TC M30 reverb (Hall mode) plug-in which they gave away for free some years ago.
    Drums by my drummer.
    There is also a mellotron plug-in in there starting at 01:10. It's called Tapeworm.Added some reverb and compression.
    Comments welcome ! There is a link to our FB-page for more songs. You can see/listen without being a FB-member.