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Drum VSTIs need uncompressed wav file.


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  • Drum VSTIs need uncompressed wav file.

    Google is not being my friend with this one.

    I have a simple drum vsti (GTG Drumsampler IIGM) that I select wav files for, load them into it and then play them back with my synth keyboard in Reaper or VSTHost. Easy enough, however, I have a ton of drum wav files that give this or a similar error message after I load them and try to play them:

    "This WAVE file format is not supported. Convert to 16 bit uncompressed mono or stereo"

    Even Windows Media Player won't play them but they show up as wav sound. An example of the properties of one that won't play:

    Type of file: wave sound
    Size: 37.3 KB (38,222 bytes)
    Bit rate: 1058kbps
    Audio sample size: 24 bit
    Channels: 1 (mono)
    Audio sample rate: 44kHz
    Audio format: PCM

    So how do I make this file usable with a drum vsti?

    edit: I rule! I guess I could delete this post since I figured out how to do it but someone else may run into this problem so here's what I did; I used Switch Sound File Converter and selected the output format to .wav, then went to Encoder Options and selected Format PCM Uncompressed, Attributes 44100 Hz, 16 Bits, Mono

    It played on Windows Media Player, VSTHost and in Reaper. Sometimes I am my own hero.

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    It looks like you have a 24bit file and your sampler is asking for a 16 bit file. Why not just convert the files? You can use AUDACITY, which is a FREE audio editor. Just open your files and re-save them as 16 bit files.
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      I started out w/GTG Drumsampler II, and had to convert many wavs down to 16. It's be easier to get a real sampler like Shortcircuit.

      GTG Drumsampler II uses the stock Synthedit wav player, as opposed to DH waveplayer which does 24 bit or CK sample player which can do up to 32.
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        Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty sure I can "batch convert" my files with Switch Sound File Converter, I just didn't realize I only needed to change 1 thing (from 24 to 16 bit) to make the files work. I looked at, and downloaded, Shortcircuit & DH Waveplayer but they look fairly involved for right now. I've done a lot of computer recording but am a mega-noob as far as vst drums are concerned, like I just started messing with them this week. I always used a drum machine before.


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          Voxengo's R8brain will let you batch convert by folder for FREE.
          Highly rated.
          (I would do it on a copy of the folder of course.)

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            ^^^^Cool, thanks! Downloaded!


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              move the 24-bit to another folder, then batch convert the 16-bit wav into the original folder and and keep the names of the wav files exactly as is, then very likely your patches load without you having to reasing the audio files to your drum VSTi