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Question for Amplitude 3 users?


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  • Question for Amplitude 3 users?

    I own Amplitude metal pack & the free Amplitude download.Amplitude 3 comes with a good deal now ,but are the amps apart from the Metal pack good enough to invest?

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    ? Opinions pls.


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      Some are some are not. It's very tricky to be honest cause you can try them out and see if you like them and buy them one by one or you can just go ahead and get the full pack which will save you a lot of money. I have the Fender Pack and I love the Twin Reverb in that model, some of the others are not so good. It's a little bit of hit and miss. The amps that come with AmpliTube are very tweakable (lots of options) and you can definitely use those to get pretty close.


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        3 is on sale from IK for a few more days .
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          I had a POD HD and recently upgraded to Amplitube AND Guitar Rig (got them both pretty cheap) -

          IMO, Amplitube amps and effects sound more "real" - but Guitar Rig has better and more interesting effects. IMO they both are better than the POD and you can't beat the prices they have going these days.
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