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A lil' demo: Softube Acoustic Feedback

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  • A lil' demo: Softube Acoustic Feedback


    Just noodling around and testing/demoing out Acoustic Feedback by Softube!

    A lot of factors to be considered and compromise to be met like playing attack, vibrato, how you mute the strings while playing, your pickups, the control settings, note choices on the fretboard (sometimes it produces unwanted notes, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your application) but spending time with it can make pleasing rock sustained tones! and as you could see/hear on the clip even cleans will be magical! =)

    You can call this a poor man's Fernandes Sustainer! but NO, it still won't replace a Les Paul thru a 100watt cranked Marshall! but Jimi and Tom would be proud! m/

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