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Demo of EZmix 2 with Metal Guitar Gods and SD2 exp


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  • Demo of EZmix 2 with Metal Guitar Gods and SD2 exp


    Toontrack EZmix 2 and metal guitar gods expansion demo

    guitar: ibanez UV777 BK

    bass: peavey grind 6 string bass

    pick: what was laying around

    preamp: tc konnekt desktop

    drums: superior drummer with avatar kit

    I used Mishas ampy lead almost at centre, i really love this one right away

    cleans is used dripping far left and drippy and dreamy far right right

    bass i used the bass edge from randy Staub at centre

    For the drums i used loopmaker ezmix2

    I played around with the different masters but i wanted something that would give a room jamming kind of effect so i went with Widener

    I mixed everything from my ipad using neyrinck V-Control pro

    its easy and fast, just opend the ezmix window on the ipad and did everything with touch

    I just got Toontracks EZMIX 2. I just did this jam and BT pretty fast, but i have to say, playing with EZMIX guitar gods is amazing. Its defenantly inspiaring me right now so give it a try! for my demos etc its quality and no hassle with a mic

    The guitar gods expansion is a must have. Although i didnt have enough time with it yet but its def a winner from the start

    Everything is recorded direct in (mic preamp)

    The guys at Toontrack did a good job. Although it says Metal Guitar Gods on the expension, you can def use it for far more.

    If recording isnt youre thing and you need something for just stand alone practise, this expension will deliver.

    I hope you guys like it

    Feedback is always welcome, im also hoping to improve my mixing and mastering skills, but no need for now with this...accept for volume levels
    Main Geariezel HerbertIbanez Universe UV777free backing tracks: http://www.youtube.com/user/Shadowsrig/videos?view=0&flow=gridhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Guitar-Backing-Tracks/329223263860521http://youtu.be/zCblN8q2AXw