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Preferred Reverb Plug-Ins?


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  • Preferred Reverb Plug-Ins?

    I'm recording an atmospheric rock project and have been using the stock ProTools LE plug-ins. I'm looking for wonderfully spacious, beautiful reverbs alla Sigur Ros and the like. I know they love the Lexicon brand hardware which they have used at constant. Also interested in delays since they work well together for a lot of applications.

    Altiverb is the most interesting reverb pug-in I have come across, though its usability seems a bit curvy. Suggestions? Does perhaps lexicon make a good reverb/delay plug-in?

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      I'm a guitarist of 25 years' experience but green as grass on the ProTools side.  However, in doing some research today I noted that there are Lexicon plug-ins available:  A review:


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        The Lexicon plugins are actually very nice, and they sound like their hardware units.They're some of the best native algorithmic reverb plugins I've tried. I also really like TL Space, which is a convolution (modeling) reverb plugin.  

        Most of the rest of the stuff I am using is HD / TDM only, like Revibe and the Eventide reverb that is part of the Anthology II bundle. They've been slowly porting some of those over to native, one plugin at a time - hopefully they'll get to the reverb eventually.