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FX expansion BFD2 drum software.


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  • FX expansion BFD2 drum software.

    I use a lot of drum loops & Drum VSTs for my recordings.I have Battery,NI Studio drummer apart from EZ drummer & Steven Slate.I have the demo version of Drum core & I think it's great but it doesn't have too many tones as it's just the basic demo.I found Studio Drummer to be the best so far without having to do much tweaking.I am looking at purchasing BFD2 & wondering if I would need it,if it would be better than any of the above softwares.I am still looking for a better sound than what I have so far,so please give me your opinion on BFD2.

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    can't speak to BFD specifically but love the other fxpansion product that I use : Geist
    sounds just amazing

    BFD does get a lot of love for what it is

    best of luck
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      Thanks.Most reviews I see speak highly of addictive drums & Superior.But with 5000 loops & price slashed to 50% I'm just wondering if this would be worth.


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        BFD2 does have nice sounds and is very versatile for breaking out the pieces and setting them up in your DAW on seperate tracks.

        You can go nuts with tone and envelope shaping after this as well as adding any processing like reverb, flange, distortion etc.