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  • After you've made the video

    I guess you post it all over the place.
    Youtube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Soundclick etc etc
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    This is a thing you may able to do after you made the video...
    Is it important to have a backup first of the video for making sure to have a copy in case of loss of original copy. Just simply burn it to disc or copy it to a flash drive. If you want to be popular by your video you may post it to many websites where it is possible to make a thousand of click if your video is interesting, fun and people were enjoy watching. You may visit the following website: Youtube, Metacafe, Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, MegaVideo, Daily Motion and many more..!


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      Youtube is really helpful if you already have a bit of a following on there...

      Something to work on while making your videos is to get fans on Youtube (for whatever reason, even if it's unrelated to your music or video in particular), and to have a heap of PROPER friends (not spammers or bots) on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

      Also, if you've got a sort of finished product, song/video clip, and it's got an actual CONCEPT behind it, you can sort of advertise it by putting up flyers on poles around your area, leaving some of them on buses, trains or cabs for people to find, and in stores just around the place...obviously with some sort of eye-catching design and so people know what it is (song, etc), and links to where they can find the product itself.
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        I would post it here, and be all like, "see HC! i made a video"


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          getting hyped up on youtube would be WAY too hard, but, you can try. I realize now that youtube is hard to breakthrough, but if you stick through it. anything is possible.


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            I put it on our band's homepage www.BlueRodeoTribute.com

            We have a lot of others on YouTube, but the one on the web page is a compilation intended for viewing by agents and other bookers. They only want to hear a few seconds of each song.