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New Video/ Song shot with a Canon 650D. Feedback needed please!

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  • New Video/ Song shot with a Canon 650D. Feedback needed please!

    Hello all, i'm a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland and just wanted to share with you a new tune i put together a few weeks ago called Tonight.
    I was lucky enough to be invited over to perform in Nashville USA at the famous Bluebird Cafe back in June and it was that trip that inspired me to write this song.
    Its a pretty chilled out tune with a summery feel to it.
    Check it out below if you have a spare moment for new music.
    All feedback welcome



    Chris Keys - Tonight (Live)


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    Anyone else got feedback for me? trying to improve in anyway i can!!



    • Muso1070
      Muso1070 commented
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      I was kinda thinking the song is to long?
      And maybe the lighting is to much making unwanted shadows?
      Also is it just me or does the video look a little squeezed or something?
      These are only small issues of course.

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    Hi all, for anyone who enjoyed the song here are the lyrics

    Tonight by Chris Keys

    V.1 When will you see
    what you mean to me
    listen to your heart
    and walk on out, from the dark.
    HHHHHHHMMMMM -----------
    what must i do
    to make it clear to you
    love is all we need
    so please oh please, wait for me.

    C.1 And the day will turn into the night
    with you by my side to hold
    and the moon beams down
    over our little town
    it feels so right, tonight ----------
    Oh -- Oh ---------- Oh -- Oh ------------ Oh -- Oh

    V.2 How can i try
    to keep you on my side
    believe in all you dream
    and meet me somewhere in between.
    HHHHHHHMMMMM -----------
    One of these days
    we might find our way
    two lost and lonely minds
    oh please oh please, oh be mine.

    C.2 Repeat C.1 with 4th line:
    It shines so bright, tonight -----------
    Oh -- Oh ---------- Oh -- Oh ------------ Oh -- Oh
    2x Oh -- Oh ---------- Oh -- Oh ------------ Oh -- Oh


    • JVGM-music
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      Nothing really wrong with nice and relaxing...yes ,perhaps a tad on the long suffers a bit from the length of the song...not to much happening....but nicely filmed,good quality!

      Keep up the good work!

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    Any other ideas how to improve the song or video?
    All feedback is appreciated, good or bad!



    • witesol
      witesol commented
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      it's nice. good job. enough cut aways to add interest. I like the black and white conversion. Shadows are ok. I'd be tempted to actuallly shoot the shadows. Lighting isnt bad. It could be more 3D ish. a rim light perhaps?  the opening shot has a bit of wash on the back wall and it's as bright as anything else in the frame. 

      some rack focus stuff perhaps? I like the slow pan across the front. Close eyes shot might be nice.


      as long as you are wanting to be open to suggestions:

      everything in the frame is important. the guitar case caught my eye, it shouldnt. Take some time to "dirty up your frame" with something in the foreground, out of focus. a guitar on a stand, a plant, a couple tiny xmas lights creating bokeh.

      You've framed everything right in the center. I'd suggest taking a few hours to look up and study framing in 3rds, a standard photo and video technique. You'll start to see that most everything cool has more intriguing framing. =3+point+lighting+for+video&gs_l=youtube.12..0.711 915.718391.0.720563.

      watch some of the greats v&list=PL3AF9B2B010B69D0C&src_vid=5587PORymWI

       #2, 10, 15 and 17 might open your eyes to a few ideas. 

      as far as your song, it's nice. the lift at the chorus is welcome after same strum pattern. I was longing for something new to  come in at 2nd verse...maybe just a tamborine or super subtle shaker.. just a bit of ear candy. I think you missed a few opportunities for a flll with the Fender after you finish each line, an arpeggio or little double stop... you played both guitars in the same register. That's cool, fine. I just longed for a few lower notes that might add some bottom end dimension. 

      that's my $.03 keep it up!


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    Nice one!

    I checked out your EP ''View from a Satellite'', good stuff! Keep it up!



    • Muso1070
      Muso1070 commented
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      Hey thanks buddy, that's good to hear

      Got the full version & video for tonight coming real soon.