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  • archaic video term

    Since I'm shooting video to memory now, I realized that it would be incorrect to say I'm "videotaping" or "filming" something to a client (especially as mentioned in a legal contract). This is like saying you "dial" a phone number on your cell phone. I guess I could say "video record", but that doesn't seem right either. Any ideas what to call it other than "shooting"?

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    You're right. A pet peeve of mine is when people say they're "filming". They are not filming unless using film. They used to be video taping, however, you are right : in most cases now people are recording onto cards or drives.

    If a photographer takes photographs and is photographing his subject as a videographer are you videographing?

    Recording video?

    I mostly use "shooting".


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      Use shoot or record.

      I said filming once in college and some wise ass said "You tape on tape and film on film." :lol:


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        Shooting, but filming still slips out some times even though I've never shot video on film haha
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