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Lighting essentials-a few notes


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  • Lighting essentials-a few notes

    This is my outline/notes for an introductory class on lighting for video

    Functions of lighting
    Technically essential to get a picture
    Required to deal with the technical limitations of video
    Create illusion of depth in a 2-D media
    Highlight important elements
    Illusion of realism
    Support the message of the video
    Create or enhance the mood and/or style
    Make the talent look attractive

    Your Job-SAFETY FIRST!

    Lighting is among the most dangerous aspects of production

    Dangers-falling objects, exploding bulbs, fire and explosions, burns, sprinklers

    Avoid blowing fuses or circuit breakers-you can ruin people
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    Thanks for this basic outline! Looks like I have a lot to learn.
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