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I got the music,now where can i get the video

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  • I got the music,now where can i get the video

    Would like to put all of the songs from the records i produced on youtube and such....however, because of small  budget it is not possible to make clips to go with the songs.

    Now i have made some clips for youtube using just photographs and images picked from the net ( see the example) but i would really like some real video to go with the music. Doesn't have to do anything with the lyrics or so .....actually ;anything goes!

    But where can i find free to use video?





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    Well well...no one?  I think i might have found an omission on the internet....there are lots of sites offering free music to add to your video's but no sites that offer video to go with ones music.....i do not see a problem, i see oppertunities.Big oppertunities!



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      Editing a comment

      Think i found what i was looking for:

      It was someone at the drownedinsound forum who gave me the link to the internet archives