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[WIP] One-shot stop-motion music video clip with 500+ people


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  • [WIP] One-shot stop-motion music video clip with 500+ people

    This is the story behind my pet project this summer - A one-shot stop-motion music video for one of my freshly recorded songs. It's still a work in progress but a lot of the work has been done and it's looking awesome.

    The concept and idea

    I'd just finished writing my first CD and wanted to make a filmclip to cap it all off. I was inspired by this awesomely creative clip and thought it'd be a lot of fun to do something similar.

    We liked the original concept; We'd get to meet all those people and get them all involved in the creative process and then hopefully get them interested in the music. It's also a really novel idea in general and novel ideas can sometimes get some good attention. Just look at the original, it's had over 1.5 million views.

    We didn't want to just copy that idea so to spice things up a bit we changed the original format a bit. Instead of getting developed photos, we used an iPad. This gave us a colour video and a couple of other awesome little tricks we could work with, which I'll show you later.

    Next spice up... I'd written a song called

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    I'm guessing this is taking a bit longer than anticipated.

    Terry D.
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      I like the idea man.. it gives me an option to my planned music video,, and also a new topic for my music teaching..


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        Great concept. What is the current status?
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          just put it online!