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HD Video Editing Software Or Computer Issue?

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  • HD Video Editing Software Or Computer Issue?

    I recently got an HD Video Camera. Love the quality. However, I can't find a quality editor OR my computer isn't up to par on editing this thing. Here are my system properties. The problems are freezing and choppyness during editing. I also haven't found an editor that exports easily into high quality compressed files. They are huge still.

    Intel Core i3 CPU
    M 330 @2.13 GHz

    4.00 GB Ram


    Windwos 7

    Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

    *Note* Have tried PowerDirector and Roxio Video Lab.

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    You should have plenty of computing power.

    Close all other programs except the video editor when you are working on videos.

    You didn't say how much hard drive space that you have. You need plenty of extra space for temp files that the editing software creates as it works.

    You also didn't indicate what video card you have, but I would expect that a board that can accept an i3 would have adequate video. I edit video with a less powerful PC than you have with no problems.

    As for compressing video files, there should be settings in the export function of the software that allows you to control the amount of compression. More compression = smaller disk file (and lower video quality).

    regards, Jack
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      I edit HD video on my old single-core 2.8ghz laptop with 2.5gb ram and xp.
      So your i3 is much more powerful.

      Check out Sony Vegas Studio. I use it and it handles HD well.
      (using a secondary hard drive for the data helps loads too....)
      Tim O'Brien


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        Just wanted to update for anyone reading that I tried the Sony Vegas and it is working great. I think it was just the software I was using, but it worked even better when everything, even java updaters in the background were shut down. I really appreciate the help.


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          vegas is the best I found for HD editing also. just amazing. I must have tested 6 other trial editers and Vegas just flys compared to the rest


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            I use Vegas Professionally in my job. I highly recommend it.
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            • Blu derZucker
              Blu derZucker commented
              Editing a comment

              What are the best options for over the counter video editing software.    What have you tried?  What are the limitations? Anyone try Magix?