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How much would bands pay for a studio session video?

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  • How much would bands pay for a studio session video?

    This question is directed to any emerging bands or musicians looking to promote themselves online and through social media. I'm a video producer and I plan to team up with a music producer to shoot bands performing acoustic sessions in his studio. The bands/artists will then be able to use the video however they like and will also receive a well produced audio mix to go alongside. Everything would be professionally shot with a decent camera and atmospheric lighting. My question is how much would emerging artists be willing to pay for this kind of package? We were thinking around 300-500 Euros (Germany based). Does that seem resonable? Cheers for any thoughts/feedback on this.

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    150 bucks.


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      $150!? Wow, I guess there are "bands", and there are BANDS!   Apparently I just play in a "band".  I wouldn't pay $150, fo sho.  When we earn $2000 for a gig, none of us have any desire to pay anyone anything, especially not $150.  Especially me, being a video producer by day.

      That said... I did just pay a geeky kid $40 to bring his two GoPro cameras to a recent gig, just so I'd have three camera angles to choose from.  He did the hand-held cam, the other two were lock-down angles.

      However, I provided the third cam, and I recorded the audio, and I did all the editing.  So that $45 to the kid was a real gift, if you axe me.

      This was the video I got out of that session:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPn5afVzrxo