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Logitech Broadcaster - distorted sound

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  • Logitech Broadcaster - distorted sound

    Quiet forum, but happy to have found it.

    My band is starting a video initiative. The plan is to video each gig. Once we have technical quirks worked out, broadcast same into Second Life (I've been performing there audio-only for some years in solo format). We have launched off on this initiative using the following:

    After a couple dry runs, we took this all to a gig.

    The experiment was a dismal failure.

    In general, the video was OK. The problem was the audio.

    The Broadcaster has a built-in mic, which was what we used for audio. No matter what we tried, the audio was horribly distorted. The Ustream SW has an audio level control. Dropping that reduced the volume, but maintained the distortion - all the way down to -inf.

    My suspicion is that there is a preamp in the Broadcaster that is set to a fixed gain. This preamp is likely distorting way upstream from where I have any ability to reduce the signal level before whatever gain stage is distorting.

    I can't seem to find any sort of Pad control on the camera.

    Specs are mute on this aspect of the Broadcaster.

    I have a TS Ticket in with Logitech. I don't expect satisfaction, but I may be happily surprised.

    Anyone else use this otherwise very handy camera product? The full wireless aspect is very handy on a live gig. But if I need to pipe a line in from the mixer or another mic, it reduces the utility drastically. What I really want is to learn the entire signal path employed between acoustic source and Ustream's servers, but that it probably tilting at windmills.

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      Yeah, that type of camera is made for video chats, not making music videos.
      Tim O'Brien


      • jbreher
        jbreher commented
        Editing a comment

        Hi Tim - thanks for your reply.

        So you seem to be confirming my suspicion that there is some preamp within the audio subsystem of the camera itself that is already set to some gain that cannot be turned down enough to avoid distortion. Is this accurate?

        If I could ask, how did you come by this definitive knowledge? I can't seem to find anyone at Logitech that even understands what my problem is.