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Craig Wedron's 360 degree/spherical video. HOW THE $#@%!!!!


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  • Craig Wedron's 360 degree/spherical video. HOW THE $#@%!!!!

    If you haven't seen this, your mind is going to explode. Craig Wedron's (Shudder To Think) video to a song off his new album.

    It's a 360 degree, spherical music video that you (the viewer) can move around in as the video plays. That's the best was I can think to describe it. This has to be some sort of groundbreaking accomplishment is music videos.

    I really can't describe how weird this is, you will just have to check it out. How exactly would you even begin to pull something like this off???

    Video is here... http://www.craigwedren.com
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