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Popping sounds in Final Cut

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  • Popping sounds in Final Cut

    I recently recorded a guitar piece (in Logic Pro 9) and pulled the mp3 into Final Cut Express 4 (I know, I'm outdated) to make a video. For some reason, when I play the mp3 in Final Cut, there is some audio damage that doesn't exist in the original file. It's not peaking, but there are some popping sounds every once in a while that seem to come from nowhere.

    Also, maybe I'm crazy, but it looks to me like the audio and video are perfectly in sync at the beginning but gradually become out of sync by the end, as if the audio skipped a few milliseconds here and there (which would explain the popping sounds, but I have no idea why this would happen).

    This is a process I've done before and I've never had this problem, so I'm not sure where it's coming from.

    I uploaded the video anyway, so this is how the final product looks and sounds:


    You can here the popping in several places - try listening around 1:55, 23, 2:19, 2:33, etc.. I've listened very closely to the mp3 on its own (with a media player, not in Final Cut) and it definitely doesn't have the same sounds, it's just in the video. The same thing happens when I listen to the audio in the Final Cut project file, so I know it didn't just happen when I exported the video.

    Does anybody know why this might be happening? And does anyone have any potential fixes? Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    Convert your Mp3 to something more compatible w/ FCE. With FCP I usually convert Mp3's to Aiff@48k

    but follow the Apple way and see if that works for you.



    If you don't have QT Pro, you can usually convert stuff in iTunes. Just change the import settings and then

    those settings will be available in the "Advanced" menu as "Create (whatever formatyou have chosen) version".

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