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GoPro's on stage, worth a try?

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  • GoPro's on stage, worth a try?

    Had an idea last night.  In addition to doing live multi-track recordings, why not do some basic video services?  Use a few GoPro HD cameras in various spots on the stage to record the band, crowd, etc. and combine it together with the multi-track.  I'd say they make several mounts to clip it to truss, and I've seen a mount that swivels from left to right, which would be nice for center stage.  Anyone ever tried a project like it?

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    I've done many video projects, some with gopros . Sure, it will work. Some things to think about:
    Go pro cams are super wide angle
    Unless you have the back on them or the wifi feature they are difficult to frame shots with
    You'd have to get on a ladder to start any cam up on truss then just let it run till it dies
    They look poor in weird or low light
    Static wide angle shots can look boring in a hurry
    You need an NLE that can edit and sync multiple camera angles regardless of what camera you choose
    The price of a gopro is not far from a consumer camcorder that has zoom, a better sensor and live view with an LCD screen

    With limited cameras I would suggest a wide shot from foh position taking in the whole band then maybe two POV angles to cut to. Then try to collect some B roll shots with a handheld...faces, crowd shots, hands on instruments, behind the drummer, etc. you can cut those into the static shots for interest..

    I bought a few very decent consumer 1080p camcorders for low cost video projects. Spent probably $800 on $2k worth of cameras ...on Craigslist.