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Cakewalk has been SOLD.

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  • Cakewalk has been SOLD.

    Hello world.

    SINGAPORE, FRIDAY 23 February 2018:

    BandLab Technologies today announced the acquisition of certain assets and the complete set of intellectual property of Cakewalk Inc. from Gibson Brands.

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    No surprise there.

    There will be a few more brands up for sale, before Gibson get back on it's feet and can pay off some debt.

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      The BANDLAB logo can easily be mistaken as BANDAID, which is quite fitting since the cakewalk has been bleeding to death even since the vampires sunk their teeth into it. You cant can't sustain a product without reinvestment and I predicted that whole subscription model to be a flop too. That's as bad a renting gear to play. People prefer ownership and balancing price against content is a fine line for tech companies.

      I have no idea how well a Singapore based company might do. I haven't seen any innovative plugins coming out of the Asian pacific. The few you do see are real yawners. Asians tend to be good at cloning and quality improvements but they hurt big time on actually inventing new ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if they fix several Cakewalk engine faults involving CPU consumption, but I'm not sure how well they might do otherwise. We'll just have to wait and see.


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        Never really heard of Cakewalk until they started branding some of Roland's audio interfaces with their name. Only to end up getting discontinued a couple of years later. By this point there was no further innovation being done to these product lines, these products had already been on the market for a good while. Good products nevertheless (still use the UA-101 today), but in my opinion poorly positioned on Cakewalk's part.
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          I started using Cakewalk back in the late 90's using version 7. When they came out with Sonar I skipped from Sonar 4 to 8 then X1 which I'm still using. I suppose I'll need to try something else at some point when it becomes dysfunctional. The DAW program you use has practically no impact on audio quality. The plugin package does but the base program doesn't actually process and change the data much besides adjust volumes and pan the sound. The plugins are what actually change the sound. The base programs simply allow various levels of comfort and accuracy when you manipulate the data, edit, route, bus, etc. Some are easier to work with which makes for a better recording, but its not the code that's refining the sound.


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            Never really heard of Cakewalk until they started branding some of Roland's audio interfaces with their name.
            Cakewalk was owned by Roland at the time, I guess that 'partnership' only lasted a couple of years. On the surface at least, it made sense: Roland/Edirol made recording HARDWARE, Cakewalk made recording SOFTWARE so it seemed like a good match. After Roland, they were sold to Gibson, and now the latest sale to Bandlab.
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              I remember when they were called Twelve Tone Systems... and I can remember the launch of their first PC MIDI sequencer (called Cakewalk) at NAMM...

              I feel so old.


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                Originally posted by Mr.Grumpy View Post
                I buy nothing from Singapore. It's avoidable. I don't go near anything that place tries to sell.
                Don't ask -- I've seen far too many corrupt Singaporean businesses.
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