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questions about album credits?

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  • questions about album credits?

    Two related album credit questions I'd love to pose to fellow Forumites:

    1) If I'm using EZ Keys to record piano, and I use some of the prerecorded rhythms (but subbing in my own chords), along with some of my own playing, is it disingenuous to credit myself as the piano player for a song in the album credits?

    2) I'm using Logic's Drummer, and while there's a certain (rather nerdy) humor in saying "Drums by Darcy" in the album credits that feels weird. Would you leave drums uncredited in this case?

    Or would you just leave both of these uncredited and count on most listeners not caring one way or the other?

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!


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    If you feel the need you could put in a note like percussion arranged by, or just use a blanket statement
    like written and recorded by so and so, some other unambiguous note on there.
    If you don't set down at the set and actually play drums you really cant call yourself the percussionist,
    but I doubt anyone is going to give a hoot. The pros will know what is sampled and what isn't so you wont be fooling them.
    Nor would you be fooling yourself.

    My father was a good one for making quotes and I've found their value to be very beneficial in life.
    The ones that applies here are.

    Right is Right and Wrong is No Mans Right.

    The other is

    To thy own self be true.

    It may not seem like a big deal, but as an artist who relies on pure emotion in expressing art,
    white lies can be cumulative and build up to become a major impediment later in life and dull your
    artist advantage over others. Being honest can make you venerable to those who exploit it but
    that's the narrow path you have to walk to be a good artist. You must be wise to those people
    and not take up their bad habits. You can and will be hurt by them but the benefits of taking
    the right path do pay off big time when it comes to good artwork. Its not the only thing that's
    needed, but without it, the art cant live.