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br-800 rhythm recording

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  • br-800 rhythm recording

    How do i record the rhythm tracks? i try to record it but no drum sounds at all are recorded. I understand you have to program the drums but its kinda hard to learn

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    First off read the manual

    In the section about the drums the first paragraph says it all.

    The BR-800 provides a dedicated rhythm generator that is
    separate from the audio tracks 1–7/8.
    You can use this rhythm as a guide during recording, or
    create an original rhythm backing by arranging various
    internal rhythms to match the structure of your song.

    What I believe this means after reading the chapter and some other areas is
    the BR has a built in drum machine that plays back like any other drum machine.
    It's timed to the recording tracks but it doesn't look like it records as a wave file and I'm not real
    sure the beats can be saved as part of the recording project.

    It will likely play back along with your other tracks to a stereo mix down, which I believe is the method
    this unit uses. I'm not real sure what format the drums use or weather the beats can be exported to a computer.

    There may be a way of muting an inputs monitoring when recording so the signal is not sent out the mains.
    If that's the case you could take the drum outputs from the mains, run a cable to a track input and record the drum machine playback as a wave file.
    Maybe some additional hard panning may be needed to avoid a feedback loop. Don't know if that would work, but Its something I'd likely try.

    The other option would be to connect the output to a computer sound line input. Record the drums to a computer, then import the wave file into your project.
    I cant tell you much more than that. I record everything on a computer so I don't have to deal with the rinkey dink limitations of stand alone units
    and figuring out work around methods of getting things to work the way I want them to.