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  • This live mix.

    I'm looking for a valued opinion on this mix.  All of the tracks in the recording were from a live show.  I recorded the show per channel all pre fader.  The board effects, eq, compressors and so on are all bypassed so I get just the input feed for each, uneffected.


    I pulled them into Studio One and had my way with them.

    I'm looking for some over all feedback.  How does it sound to you?  How can I make it better?


    Notes: There is a little fuzz at the start, it's in the track and I cannot remove it.
    Keep in mind this is all from a live show, not a studio recording, there are bound to be some anomalies.


    Boogie Men - Groove Line


    Thank You.

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    Not Bad. Good band performance too.

    Just about everything is there, but the vocal tracks need work which will influence the rest of the mix. you are attempting to mix the vocals and make the female vocals sound like men. I can hear the woofy lows in there trying to make them sound like thay have a set between their legs instead of focusing on the frequency ranges the singers actually have. I've worked with many great female vocalists and you have to get thie vocals pushing more in the upper mids more and put some presence to them. They way they are sitting now many of the words are getting buried by the bass and kick. You dont want to touch the bass and kick because you have those sitting where thay are supposed to be.

    My best suggestion would be to import a commercial recording of a song containing good female vocals that fit the singers range then use this track as an A/B comparison for matching your tracks. The beat and the mix wont be the same of course, but you should be able to run the track then solo your vocal tracks to it while listening to the frequency responces between the two even if they aren't in time or pitch.  

    Then mute the commercial track and see if the responce changes better suit womens voices.

    I hear two voices there as well. You may want to work on some separation to reduce some masking. Some tight ambiance on the second vocal, maybe a tad of stereo separtion, maybe reverb, EQ etc. Right now it sounds like the main vocalist is standing in front of the second vocalist blocking the vocal from coming through. You may not need much but it is needed. Clean reverb with some clean highs can add just the amount of polish you'd hear on a live vocal part and change the song from an overly club like sound to a very nice live sound by adding a little reflectivity. it will leave the silid backing music clearer to hear and make people want to turn it up.

    Otherwise you got what you need. I'd suggest mastering the music too. It has some punches here and there at different frequencies that should be smoother. I'd use a high quality multiband limiter like Waves followed by a fairly bright brickwall limiter. Maybe even use something like Har Bal to even up the frequency response a littel before those.

    Good work from you and the band.