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  • We are CollabMachine - The Social Music Collaboration Platform!

    We're working hard to combine the power of social media with music creation to create the world's first social music collaboration platform! You can check out our video which explains our mission in more detail. We're really excited about bringing this idea to life and welcome any feedback you may have on our project.

    As lifelong musicians ourselves, we know firsthand the drudgery of spending hours looking through endless classified ads to find someone to jam with. Not to mention the tedious process of arranging jam sessions, packing up gear, traveling, and often failing to find that perfect musical chemistry!

    We are determined to eliminate the borders and boundaries that have restricted musical collaboration and we hope to bring musicians together in a whole new way!

    If you believe in our mission as much as we do, please feel free to share our project. Our indiegogo campaign launches on March 12, 2014 and we are looking to raise $50,000 to continue the development of our site. We would love to hear your thoughts on CollabMachine and welcome any constructive criticism you may have! We're also glad to answer any questions!

    For more info, please check out Thanks in advance for your support!

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    Hate to tell you but your about 10 years too late for being the first. There are all kinds of on line DAW programs that let people collaborate together on musical projects over the internet. Even with regular DAW's it takes no effort to upload a project and have someone download it and work on the project.

    I Personally have no need or desire for others to have access to anything I do musically unless I choose to have them involved. And when I do its a matter of professional trust involved. I surely dont want a bunch of unknown musicians having any access to my musical material. I didnt spend 45 years writing and recording music to give it away to a bunch of amatures to steal like thay steal commercial music from download sites.

    Besides the internet is probibly the poorest method of finding good musicians to work with. Most are shut ins who never played a gig in their life and when you invite them to come over and audition they get cold feet and dont even show up. Then they arent even man enough to call and cancel. Then if they do show up, they expect to learn songs at rehurdsal.

    You want to find good players, you get up off your butt and go see the best bands around. You bump into all kinds of musicians on open mic night and you can pick and choose the people not only based on their playing skills but who they are as people.

    Bands take good people skills as much as it does playing skills. If you cant get along with them as people it makes no sence to work with them as musicians because you spend too many hours sweating over getting good music together to have some primidona destroy the band because their mommie or daddy didnt love them enough as a kid or some other stupid reason why they never grew up and became an adult.