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    I highly recommend Adobe Audition. I'm buying it.
    I used CoolEditPro 1.2. I loved it. It is intuitive & easy to use.
    I got the trial for Adobe Audition - and was pleased to know
    it is just as easy to use as CEP. Trial expired. Time to upgrade.
    It's expensive. But in my opinion, worth it. I needed a multi-
    track digital audio editor. AA is the easiest to use I've found.

    Highly recommended.

    I do not recommend any Cakewalk products.
    My own experience is they are too difficult to use.
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      Originally posted by Michael Mage
      i haven been deliberating on this for weeks....

      I need:

      AU/AUI support
      Midi arranging
      Multi track abilities
      Rewire2 support
      Run on osx panther
      and be able to use in Live situations...which is the killer...

      You'll just have to take it elsewhere. The Recording Forum cannot waste one of its bazillion Sticky threads to talk about Mac software.


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        A few other people have asked for the same thing, but since no one delivered, I thought I'd ask again. Can anyone post a comprehensive comparison of Sonar 3 and Cubase SL? They're around the same price and they seem pretty comparible, but I think a lot of people (including myself) are confused about which one would be best for their needs.

        Also as a side note, does anyone have any expirience with Cakewalk Metro, and if so, how did they like it? What are it's strengths and weaknesses? I know Cakewalk doesn't actually own Metro anymore, but more people know it as a Cakewalk product.



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          Originally posted by stuffy
          Sonar 2.0!!! I love soundfonts. You will too. You can do lots of diferent sample based recording with that technology. I use soundfonts with every sound souce available whether hard or soft. The possibilities are endless (maybe).

          I have Sonar 2.0 and like the interface best of all the audio software I use, which includes ProTools (yuck!) and Adobe Audition (so-so), the latter having been Cool Edit Pro, of course.

          What kills Sonar for me is no sample conversion. I can't import a 48kHz 24 bit file and downsample to 44.1 16 to burn a CD. What the hell were they thinking?

          After talking with the Cakewalk folks, I've learned that sample conversion is included with version 3.x, but 3.x requires Win XP and I'm running 98. Crap!

          So, for the moment, I'm stuck with a hodge-podge. For fast two track editing, I still use FastEdit, which is the best at this simple task, bar none. For MIDI stuff (incuding sysex) I use Sonar or even Cakewalk Lite, either of which are the kings of MIDI. For sample rate conversion, I use ProTools, which otherwise is an interface abortion.

          And Adobe Audition sits idle on my hard drive.

          I've also downloaded Mackie's new Traktion, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna spring the cash to unlock it before I can hear the sound quality of the sample rate conversion, which is disabled. It also intentionally inserts little clicks in the tracks here and there, which is annoying but not a show stopper like the inability to listen to a finished project. The interface is truly unique, but I don't have an opinion since I stopped using it when it wouldn't let me hear any finished output.

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            Roland Studio Pack... Hey, I'm pretty bummed to hear the dumping on Logic that has been going on in this forum.. My introduction to the world of pc recording came in the form of the Roland Studio Pack.. Yeah, at first logic is a bear, but once you've dedicated yourself to actually reading parts of the manual, its amazing what this program can do. Plus the marriage of the control surface/ "virtual mixer" from rolad and the r-bus interface card to the software is perfect harmony. (after wringing out a few bugs..) The version of logic is watered down from the current pc 5.5 version.. But with a few legit free vst's and good technique its amazing what it lets you accomplish.. Midi is a breeze because SOMEONE HAS ALREADY CONNECTED IT FOR YOU! with logic it you have just about any midi enabled keyboard/module or whatever someone has already set-up Logic's environment to use it.. Its very simple to import their settings and start recording and editing sequences.. My final argument for this set-up as good intro is the song template (basically the blank song that opens when you open logic) allows you to control volume, pan, bus sends, playback, markers, etc.. etc.. right from the board itself.. confusing at first but wonderfully powerful once you've mastered it.. the final kicker.. a brand new studio pack can be had for about $300 on ebay.. thats board, interface, and software! Give it a try...


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              i have magix audio studio 2003 which came bundled with midi studio 2003.
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                the final kicker.. a brand new studio pack can be had for about $300 on ebay.. thats board, interface, and software! Give it a try...

                Ouch! I'm entrenched with my stuff now, which I'm getting along with- but that was a good sounding deal... better price-wise, anyway. And from where I stand, learning curve is learning curve!
                But I'm not down-hearted! I still like my Cool Edit/Tascam thing...



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                  I really like Cubase SX. But seems that Pro Tools is an industry standart. Is Pro Tools LE for Windows XP better than Cubase SX?


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                    Originally posted by MrKnobs
                    After talking with the Cakewalk folks, I've learned that sample conversion is included with version 3.x, but 3.x requires Win XP and I'm running 98. Crap!
                    Terry D.

                    There are some people running 98se with Sonar 3 no problem. I think the deal is that cakewalk just won't give tech support unless you are on XP as that is what it was designed for and tested on. But you should ditch 98 anway

                    But yeah, when they put out Sonar 3.1 I was sooooo happy to learn they finally included sample rate conversion.

                    Sonar 3 is very, very nice. All the little things they included really add up to make for a great piece of software. I've been very pleased.
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                    • wow, this page rocks the house with info!!



                      • Would anyone care to offer thoughts on (or better yet head-to-head comparrisons of) the "budget" offerings, such as Magix Music Studio 2004, Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 XL, etc.?

                        For the longtimers, I would assume these packages are limited and crude, but for those of us cutting our teeth on digital recording, they offer an inexpensive introduction to digital recording.

                        Specifically: I'm a guitarist/singer/songwriter. What features & capabilities must I demand from such software, at the least?

                        Thanks in advance.


                        • Hmm I use Cubase SX and think it's great. You choose one sequencer and stick to it. As soon as you know your sequencer software in and out it will of course be "The Best" sequencer in the world for YOU :-)
                          Of course there are many "software junkies" and "kids" runnin around switching sequencers as often as underwear....and that's nonsense- Most of the sequencers are alike +/-.

                          Don't know anything about those you mentioned though.

                          Have you tried the Line 6' - Guitarport? I hear it's GREAT for guitarplayers.

                          One thing you probably could need for your recording software is notation.
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                          • What do people think about the new "Producer" version of FruityLoops? I just switched from Mac to PC, and it looks interesting.
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                            • deafman, I'm definately looking forward to getting it.

                              It's got audio recording and all of the classic FL tools for only $150.
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                              • Originally posted by Aztro_Merkur

                                One thing you probably could need for your recording software is notation.

                                Well, those of us who are musicians (this is not a slight- some folks are primarily engineers) might benefit from being able to actually write their own charts. With a pencil, I mean. Keep a little "craftsmanship" idea going on.

                                Just a point, for those interested.