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    Can anyone recommend a FREE VST wrapper for use with DX programs like Sonar 2.0 XL? I downloaded one from SpinAudio, but it only allows me to make and keep two wrappers at a time....I need more!!(greedy.....but true! )
    Anyway, hope that someone out there can help....thanks in advance.
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      I am in the same boat as you and believe that Cool Edit Pro is the way to go (now called Adobe Audition).... can be found on Ebay from $50 to $100.

      Originally posted by Bassinflux
      Alright, I really appreciate this thread, it offers a ton of information on each different program, but it still is leaving me in the dark.

      I am looking for a easy to use, yet nice and deep program for recording multiple audio and maybe midi tracks. Price is a concern. (trying to stay under $100, im broke... is this possible?). I plan on using a Nord Modular for most of my effects, keyboards, and even bass effects... im too poor to get a midi in sound card or whatever and am using a midi to usb converter so i dont think it works with midi quite yet, but I just record it with a mic for now. I will also be recording bass and my piano. I am no drummer and must resort to digital drums loops(any suggestions?). I want to just record my various instruments onto different tracks and make a nice little song. I have little knowledge about reccording, but I plan on getting more into it, so I dont want a dead end program that once you master you have to just go buy a 500+ $ program and throw the other away. I will probably use alot of tracks as I like more complex layered music.

      thanks for any advice
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        wow. lot's of info!

        well, i have a MAC ()... and good mics, preamps, etc.

        and i'd like a multi-track program that i can record on, and do some good loops, etc also. and the vst and other compatibilities would be nice. also, minimal extra hardware...

        however, i really don't need any midi stuff, or the program to necessarily be an "AUDIO POWERHOUSE!"

        and most of the talk here has been for pc, but what would be a good choice for me and my mac?

        super thanks in advance.



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          I found a program which can record in live mode - just play and hear! I use it when i'm playing my guitar (with distortion ), and i have bought it for 30$ - i don't think it's a large price! I'm tolking about OxyWaveZ Live. It has very easy interface, in addition!Whaaa do you think?


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            This first part is mostly addressed to audacity works, but please anyone with any insight, feel free to reply:

            *exactly* *how* is the notation is Sonar "weak" and in Logic "better than most" ... mostly I am asking because I, too, am in the market for a system/software overhaul... Sonar 3.0 looks pretty good to me if I decide to stay with PC... at any rate, some exact comparissions of "Logic does [this], and Sonar doesn't" or "Logic does [this] much more easily/effectively than Sonar" would be greatly appreciated...


            I found Cubase SX, from my little bit of use, to be slightly more convient than Sonar 2.2... the most noticeable for me is that Cubase SX makes projects into seperate folders, creating a neat work space that's easy to back up, move, etc... while Sonar must be configured to do this... another thing is that I can add 16 audio tracks in Cubase simply by "add multiple tracks" and writing in "16," while in Sonar 2.2 I'd have to click "right click - n" 16 times, and that's if I knew quasi-short-cuts... both of these are small things (especially the latter), but still differences...

            at any rate, I've used Sonar 2.2 and Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.0, and found them to be good for what they do... Cakewalk is definately not as good as Sonar 2.2... editing midi to get a realistic performance (especially in orchestral pieces) takes quite a bit of time in either, but I assume that's true of any software? And yes, their upgrade philosophy is great... I could upgrade my Pro Audio 8 (bought in 98) to Sonar 3 (available as of this week) for $299, which is $420 less than it would cost if I was a new customer... and, if I remember correctly, I only paid $399 for Pro Audio...!


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              It was about August this year that Adobe rolled out 'Audition' after it aquired it from Syntrillium in or around May.

              I worked with CEP 2.1 ($250) and upgraded, no charge to me, to Audition 1.0, currently priced at about $300. It basically works and looks the same with some slight nuances. I am a novice editor and use it for radio broadcast editing, which has worked great for me, and I have really worked with only about 3 or 4 tracks max.

              For you musicians, which I am not, there are numerous online downloadable 'loops' posted in their loopology section, including some drum loops. Check them out at:

              There is a free trial that can be downloaded at:

              The following is what they say on their loopology download page:

              Download Loopology content for Adobe Audition

              Adobe Audition main


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                I'm curious to know about how Cubase SL stacks up against Sonar 3 Studio. They are both the same price and run on Windows XP. I'm currently using Windows 98, so I haven't downloaded the Cubase or Sonar demos, but I'm going to upgrade to XP at the end of the year.

                I have been a Cubase user for a few years but have never been happy with it's tedious user interface. The new Cubase is supposed to be better in this regard but I would gladly jump ship if something better came along that had full VST support.


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                  I am just finishing setting up my PC for recording. I have played live for years, but never did much with recording.

                  First a little about my background. I am an electrical engineer and am currently the department manager of a fairly large software development department. If I don't understand it, it is likely too difficult for others as well.

                  I thought that Cubase was alright, but was very difficult to setup and very easy to mess up.

                  I then bouth CoolEdit Pro 2.x. Good stuff there. I was up and recording stereo in no time. I was able to apply normalization, reverb, eq, and compression easily and make some pretty good "straight off the board" recordings.

                  Of course, there are many many takes in getting a good stereo off the board mix right as the recorder hears it, so I bought a M-Audio Delta1010 that can record 8 tracks simultaneously.

                  CoolEdit was still alright, but it was obveous that it wasn't intended for this purpose initially. It is the best wave editor I have ever seen, but for multi-track recording?

                  Enter n-Track. This is a very inexpensive program and it plain rules in ease of setup. I couldn't be happier with this program. My personal belief (as a software department manager) is that they are not charging enough for it. It is very flexible, and gets you from recording to adding efx and eqalization, to mastering all in one program. For digital recording (not midi), this is the tits.

                  I intend to record all our gigs now. I will be able to offer live CD's of the first 3 sets on demand and have them delivered to the members of the audience before they leave the club that night! I figure this program will pay for itself the first night we use it out giging (it may take a while longer to pay for the computer ).
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                    I'll add another voice of support for n-track .

                    About a year and a half ago, I moved from a Roland digital multi-tracker to recording with my PC. N-track is simple and complex at the same time... and quite easy to use. I don't do any MIDI, so I don't know it holds up in that area.

                    I recorded my entire CD with N-Track. Go to my website for an idea of what can be done with N-Track.

                    Ok, maybe I'm what some would call a "fanboy". Whatever. The software serves me well enough that I can concetrate on making music instead of being distracted by the ultra-cool-neato GUI. heh.

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                      they all suck. seriously.

                      the packages they try to sell for three, four, five hundred dollars act like what one usually would expect from a $20 shareware app. it's hard to get them to do anything, never mind to feel like an environment for creating MUSIC.

                      i mean i guess they're not so much for music as for some hellspawned idea like "profession audio production." and that's what they feel like, like you're "professionally producing audio." it's awful.

                      a lot of people who are struggling with these things, i think would be better off with an old tascam. those have really, really realistic tape simulation, folks!

                      if you're thinking of spending $200 on recording software, look into a used VS-880! i'm serious!


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                        Can any of you guys recommend a 1 or 2 channel interface, 24bit 96k, that works well with this program? Preferably with XLR's (if such a thing exists) so I don't have to buy an external mixing board. Aardvark has a new USB3 interface that looks like it could do the job, but no XLR. [/QUOTE]

                        Hey. I'm new at this, but I just got a Tascam 428 (that I have in the shop- I kind of pulled a screw-up), and the word on them is very good. Mine has 2 XLR inputs, as well as four phone input jacks, and the inputs are line/mic switchable. The 428 allows 4 simultaneous channels of analog signal going in at one time, or two analog/2 digital simultaneous. There are also 2 midi ins.
                        Tascam offers a 224 also, a smaller version, and I get through my neighborhood that it's worthy stuff.

                        Even if I hadn't popped mine, I'm just getting started and know jack of what I'm doing, so this ends my "recommendation". I've done some recording in the medaeval world of tape, and am now a tad flustered by the whole software/hardware business, myself.

                        I have a question- well I have a lot of them, obviously- but what does "VST" stand for?
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                          i was using adobe audition over the christmas and found it great, missing only perhaps an easier way of fade ins and fade outs than using envelopes- live track editing as in cakewalk perhaps for example. unfortunately, the demo has now timed out, and i'm at a loss. as much as i'd love to buy it, i simply don't have that much cash to spare at the moment. i'm going to give a download of cool edit 2.1 a go, can anyone else recommend another good downloads, preferably ones that won't leave me in the lurch after 30 days??
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                            i haven been deliberating on this for weeks....

                            I need:

                            AU/AUI support
                            Midi arranging
                            Multi track abilities
                            Rewire2 support
                            Run on osx panther
                            and be able to use in Live situations...which is the killer...

                            I know logic does this and Express looks good to me although the plug in compensation thing may be an issue (is it?). But I play out Live so I began looking at LIVE. it does everyhting but AU/AUI.

                            I tried traktion and like it but no mixer bugs me for some reason. Intuem looks like exactly what I need...but I have yet to get the thing to do anyhting, no documentation and no support..not sure if i want to stand behind this (even though its only 80USD)

                            Anyone help me out??


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                              One thing about Cubase SX that is not immediately apparent is that if you want to use multiple sound cards for audio you cannot use them simultaneously or if you do you cannot use the low-latency monitoring drivers. I do no MIDI, but I really dig Cubase's channel insert interface. I don't think the stock effect plug-ins are worth much, though. My favorites seem to the be older Cubase VST ones that are bundled into this new version.

                              I learned how to record on Digital Performer 3.0 (which sucks for audio, but absolutely rules MIDI) and an older version of ProTools, which kicked ass on audio, but sucked on MIDI. Cubase seems to do the audio editing I am interested in, although the methods are not as intuitive as older versions of Pro Tools.

                              I also tried Cool Edit Pro for a while, and thought it was pretty easy to use for audio, but destructive editing took a lot of time and was less desireable.
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                                Originally posted by guitarmageddon
                                one program you'll ever need

                                SAWPro (software audio workshop)

                                i find it excellent.. way better than n-track at least....
                                i've only tried a few but i find this one excellent..

                                supports midi also
                                has 24/96 quality

                                input from multiple soundcards

                                look it up

                                very nice program

                                One of my favorite bands recorded their first cd on saw, or at least that's what I remember reading somewhere. For what it's worth, the cd sounds great.

                                It does cost a small fortune though, so maybe I'll see how i like saw32. Right now for me it's between sawpro, n-tracks and cubase sx. I wanna multitrack a live band(on 4 tracks, that's all my interface can handle) and be able to add quality fx. Easy wave editing, intiutive mixing, midi, and softsynths are some other things that would be more then welcome.