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    Ok, I know I am a little ignorant here, but I'll ask anyways. Do any of these programs require additional hardware to use effectively? Other than a good PC setup with nice soundcard, after I buy a program will I be looking at additional costs to complete a decent home audio workstation?

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      (I'm assuming you already have guitars, microphones...cowbells, etc.)

      you wont need any more computer hardware with a good multitracking program...unless you're doing MIDI (and, then, only if your sound card doesn't already have a built-in MIDI interface). A full palette of "plug-in" effects and a good software mixer is included with most of the titles mentioned in this thread .
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        Originally posted by RAHAN Guitars
        I thought this thread was about introducing ourselves to our fellow recording enthusiasts. It seems to have turned into a general discussion. A lot of the information in this thread may be more useful in a thread of its own making it easier to find for someone looking for information.

        Personally, I am unsubscribing ...

        This thread was never meant to be a singles mingler. it is supposed to be a place to put your experiences and what not into a thread that I was supposed to take and generatea pros and cons list which I will do soon. Peter
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          samplitude is a sweet multitrack recorder/sequencer.....run a pc with that, logic, reason,project 5,vst and dxi plugins, aark 24 sound card, samson mixer and i get great sound......

          now what i love is project 5. cakewalk stepped it up on that pile of code. you can even use tassman in i.....it's just great...lol


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            Has anyone ever used MultitrackStudio?


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              I have been using Cubase 5.1. I have also messed with Vegas 4. Cubase is a midi monster. Unfortunately I am not. I work with audio almost exclusively, so I am not really taking advantage of what Cubase really has to offer. The learning curve is high. It took me a week to figure out how to record something and play it back. I am on to it now, but I am looking for something more intuitive. Vegas almost seems like a toy compared to Cubase. I really love Acid. I have gotten really good with manipulating loops with it, but there is no multi-tracking. What I want is something that will allow me to work all my loop magic, and multi-track too. The advantages of acid include, easy tempo changing, and the ability to easily "draw" the music. What sucks though is I'll get a killer drum thing happening. I strap on my guitar and come up with some killer riffs. I want to record, but I can't. I have to "render" and "export" my acid stuff, then open Cubase, and mess with levels, etc...now my groove is stale! Another problem is I will often want to work quickly between recording and loop manipulating. I get a riff, and want to adjust my drums drums to fit a change in the song, but I have to close Cubase and go back to acid... OY VEY!

              I have cool edit, but I only use if for editing not recording.

              I would recomend something called T-Raxx. This is great if you are going to master the finished product yourself. I think it sounds great, but I don't know how it compares to having your project "mastered" by an experienced pro in a dedicated mastering studio.It is very intuitive. It is also great for getting sounds or tracks from different sources to "gell" together better. The interface is just like a having killer rack gear, but it's on your screen, not in your rack. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for T-Raxx!

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                whoa! I can't believe after 4 pages I'm the first one to use acidPro to record!

                I tried Guitar Tracks and was not impressed, or at least I didn't find it as easy to use as acid. My interface was originally my Johnson J-station into my onboard Sound Blaster. I have upgraded to an M-Audio Omni Studio.

                My software started w/acidxpress (free), acidstyle 2.0, acidmusic 3.0, acidPro 3.0, and I now have acidPro 4.0. So, needless to say, I'm a long time, dedicated acid user.

                I also use Sound Forge 6.0 to edit waves and master songs. I have CD Architecht but have not used it yet. I've just finished my first cd w/in the last few months and I had it mastered. I recorded it all on the J-station and w/acid.
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                  Cool Edit Pro 2.1 for basic projects.
                  Samplitude 7.12 for advanced ones.
                  Wavelab to edit waves.
                  Fruity Loops 4.10 for loops.


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                    I've been using CoolEdit Pro 2.0 for a little more than a year. It is an awesome piece of software. It can play Midi tracks, but definitely I wouldn't use it as a sequencer.

                    I don't really care much about vst instruments since I use Reason, and the smaples it comes with, along with sf2 support really satisfies my needs.

                    Cooledit Pro has two features that I love:

                    1.-The first is you can switch with a single click between singel/multi track view, having in single track edition pretty much what SoundForge or wave lab would do, and the interface is great.

                    It has a toolbar with buttons linked to all its built-in effects, which BTW are very good, so after a few hours of work you'll be as fast as a rocket.

                    2.- The other feature I love is its video integration, which oddly enough only supports .avi decompression, but is great to create a video's audio track.

                    I used to work with Vegas+Soundforge, and CoolEdit exceeds by far their capabilities.

                    One thing I hate is you can't route a bus' otput to another bus, which would allow to create subgroups, and the other is its attach/detach behaviour. It is very easy to lose a window by not noticeing it was reduced and attached in a small corner when all you wanted to do was moving it a little to one side.

                    It supports Direct-x plugins and is very stable.

                    Another thing I like a lot is its looks. It is very weird, but I can work for bigger periods of time when using Cooledit than when uisng Cubase. Somehow I get tired of looking at cubase for long perids of time.

                    If you need a powerful sequencer, Cubase SX would be by far my choice, though I've never worked with Sonar.
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                      I can't believe that more people haven't mentioned N-track. I presently use it for all my audio recording. It's simple, straightforward, has VST support, and cost $42. It is awful for midi, I mean terrible, don't even think about N-track if midi is your game. For that I use Cubase vst 5.0 which is great for midi but not as good as N-track for audio. I use Cool Edit Pro 1.2 for wave processing. It is so much better than Cubase and N-track for compression/limiting, noise reduction and equalization.


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                        Sonar 2.0!!! I love soundfonts. You will too. You can do lots of diferent sample based recording with that technology. I use soundfonts with every sound souce available whether hard or soft. The possibilities are endless (maybe).


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                          I use Vegas 4.0 (used to be Vegas 2.0) as a multitrack, and Wavelab as an editor.. I also highly recommend:

                          iZotope Ozone 2
                          iZotope Trash (my current fav toy)
                          Waves Bundle 4.0

                          Oh, I don't use MIDI..
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                            Has anyone upgraded or purchased Adobe Audition?

                            How is it? Improved? Just another shiny box that cost $50.00 more than the original?

                            Whats the straight dope?

                            I am still wanting to upgrade my software to something better than Guitar Tracks 2.0. I basically want great audio, don't care much about Midi, and I want it to work well with my M-Audio 2496 Audiophile card. Any suggestions? Cool Edit sounded like it would fit the bill, but alas, it is getting expensive!

                            How does the sound capability of Cakewalk Home studio compare with the sound on Sonar? Is it the same?

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                              I was going to post this anyway but since I saw this I figured this might be a good place for it.

                              I have a mutiltracker and I'm going to transfer .wav files to the comp and I just wanna know what software to get just to mix and edit (btw it's going to be 16 tracks at once) then just burn to a cd. And I just need to know the software to get........just to mix and edit. I'll worry about mastering later. Cost is kind of an issue so if you can just list the price that would be awesome

                              Thanks alot


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                                Alright, I really appreciate this thread, it offers a ton of information on each different program, but it still is leaving me in the dark.

                                I am looking for a easy to use, yet nice and deep program for recording multiple audio and maybe midi tracks. Price is a concern. (trying to stay under $100, im broke... is this possible?). I plan on using a Nord Modular for most of my effects, keyboards, and even bass effects... im too poor to get a midi in sound card or whatever and am using a midi to usb converter so i dont think it works with midi quite yet, but I just record it with a mic for now. I will also be recording bass and my piano. I am no drummer and must resort to digital drums loops(any suggestions?). I want to just record my various instruments onto different tracks and make a nice little song. I have little knowledge about reccording, but I plan on getting more into it, so I dont want a dead end program that once you master you have to just go buy a 500+ $ program and throw the other away. I will probably use alot of tracks as I like more complex layered music.

                                thanks for any advice
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