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    In my opinion Samplitude is the best sounding app for PC. It almost makes it a pleasure to use windoze. Port it to Linux and I'm sold!!!
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      Best program for software synths: Cubase SX
      Less expensive alternative to SX: Sonar
      For bands and 'real time audio': pro tools
      For geeks and nerds: Logic audio
      For people who have graduated college, or technical school, and want everybody to know they are the most intelligent: Max/MSP(note: best used by Midi Nerds and Geeks, not an audio app.)

      I hope this was in no way helpful because, really, I do not care


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        Originally posted by mushrush
        As an addendum to audacity's feature comparisons...

        For programs that don't support VST but do support directX plug-ins and instruments, there are a number of wrapper programs on the market that will convert VST instruments and plug-ins to directX for use with directX hosts.
        Thanks, mushrush. Forgot about the wrappers...


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          I have acquired a lot of different software packages (unfortunately not quite legally) and from those that I've tried out (Cubase 5, Cakewalk 9, Logic 4.5 and Nuendo) I'd have to say that Nuendo is by far the best that I've used. It's simple to get to grips with, the help file contains everything you need to know in enough detail to help you fully understand what you are doing, it's compatible with VST effects, DirectX effects and VST instruments (though the one shortcoming I've found is that the MIDI engine does not work terribly well).
          As well as having everything you need to work with, it has a really simple layout, nothing is hard to find and there are loads of little features like the copying and pasting of effects setups from one track to another that you may not get with the other packages.
          Another strong point is the default effects available with Nuendo. They are by far the best I've seen and with the exception of the Cakewalk Amp Sim, they are all you really need to work with. Obviously there are other third-party effects that are perhaps better but really, for basic compressor, reverb, overdrive, distortion, delays and flanger/phaser effects, Nuendo does pretty well by itself.
          To be fair to the others I mentioned at first, I haven't explored them in as much depth, I got them all at the same time but Nuendo was the only one I could pick up and use straight away and so is the only one I am really familiar with but it is definately the one I would recommend, if the price doesn't put you off. Over here in Britain, it costs
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            I'm a novice and I'm not a computer nerd. I'm a guitar player who has just recently gotten into pc recording and mixing..more for the sake of mixing my band as opposed to spending thousands mixing at studios using virtually the same software....this is all I have to add....

            I've downloaded numerous demos of multitrack .....cubase, logic, some "vegas" program, cakewalk.... of those programs, cool edit pro is by far the easiest to learn for the newcomer who doesn't need to do Midi. It's an incredible program. Logic, it took me a week to figure out how to record a track. Cool edit is great. It's easy to import tracks, use effects, and mix.

            Can any of you guys recommend a 1 or 2 channel interface, 24bit 96k, that works well with this program? Preferably with XLR's (if such a thing exists) so I don't have to buy an external mixing board. Aardvark has a new USB3 interface that looks like it could do the job, but no XLR.


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              I really like my M-Audio Omni. Its got the card, the 4ins/4outs and 2 xlr. Plus two chanels (with xlr) have decent pre's. I like Nuendo BTW. Its a middleground between the power and versatility of Protools and Logic and the ease of cooledit and cakewalk. A very good program.
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                I also prefer Logic over everything else I own (Sonar, SX, PT, CE2). Why oh why did they have to become Apple pie.


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                  I've been using Logic for quite some years as well, and find it has everything I need both functionality & quality wise.

                  And LOL mr.rob I am indeed a nerd

                  But since this is a thread about software for pc (which a lot of people will read who are looking for a 1st software package) and Logic won't be available for PC anymore soon.

                  I'd say... go for Nuendo then. Protools/Logic are really turning into the premium mac apps, it seems like Nuendo will take the position of nr1 PC software for pro quality audio recording.


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                    This thread will be rewritten into a 101 perm soon. If you want to add in hardware experience such as cards that suck vs cards that don't then go for it. Peter
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                      I don't see mention of N-Track... simple, and a good value:

                      - Nathan


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                        Vegas 2.0

                        *Full featured multitracker (unlimited tracks and undo/redos)
                        *Price (retailed at $500, but found for $100 -discontinued)
                        *24bit/96KHz sound
                        *Full plugins effects package
                        *Mixer w/up to 26 busses
                        *Most file rendering options (import majority sound files -mix sample rates)
                        *Non-destructive editing
                        *Looped multiple takes
                        *Automatic crossfades
                        *Sonic Foundry -good online support
                        *Easy to learn
                        *No MIDI (lessens confusion of interface and manual)

                        *Manual not very organized (in transitional stage to Vegas Video)
                        *Few track colors to choose from
                        *Video (if I wanted video, I'd get a standalone video prog)
                        *No MIDI
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                          Originally posted by decasteljau
                          I have used CoolEdit Pro 1.2 for more than one year until I switched to Nuendo, then Cubase SX.

                          But as soon you want to build drum loops, you need another tool. You cannot build from scratch drum loops with CoolEditPro. (it's possible, but not very pleasant to do)

                          FWIW: In CoolEdit Pro 2.0 (which I LOVE):

                          - Loop-based song creation, including session tempo and key matching
                          - Compressed loop file format (*.CEL file)
                          - Thousands of free loops from Loopology.com


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                              Ok this weekend I will bring down the sticky and compile what I have onto it and repost it. There is a good possibility that all the 101s will end up on html with a link at the top of this forum. Peter
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                                I haven't tried the current Logic so I will give my assessment of an earlier version. If you are prepared to learn it it is all you ever need for composition and mixing. Some of its features eg. the environment are non-intuitive and infuriating at first but once overcome offer incredible flexibility. I know people who use it live for some serious tasks with great success. I like the score editor for creating drum tracks.

                                I still prefer using Cool Edit 2 for simple tasks and audio editing. It has a simple logical interface, good effect capabilities (especially if you mix to busses) and is fast. This cannot be overestimated when you may need a few takes to get something right. The ability to see a graphical display of waves makes it a no-brainer to sync instruments from different sources.
                                My current preferred method is to create the drum tracks in Logic record each track out to separate audio files and then record real instruments with Cool Edit. I plan to experiment with bringing these files back into Logic to gain some benefit from the superior mixing capabilities.
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