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  • us428 vs mia

    hello all..

    i've got a little xp/cubase sx based home setup that i use mostly for editing and i'm starting to add overdub capabilities (trying to do the big work downtown and all the menial tasks where it doesn't cost an arm and a leg)

    anyways..bought a us428 off ebay, it took about 3.5 months to show up (a couple borders to cross). In that time we'd come to the conclusion that it had been lost in the mail so I was given a refund. I went and picked up an Echo Mia Midi.

    So now, I'm sitting here with the Mia installed and it seems decent, haven't used the 428 (still at the post office).

    I'm keeping one and returning the other..which should it be? (I have no other preamps or anything at the moment, work mostly at 24/44.1)


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    I'd keep the Mia. I believe the 428 is USB which I don't believe works reliably for audio.
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      Why would a company spend time and research/money on an item like the 428, and supposedly team up with Frontier Grooup, just to base their new item on an unreliable method of signal transfer? Doesn't sound sensible from a business standpoint- not when there are so many knowledgeable gear-heads looming nearby.
      I'm just curious (and not being a smart-ass) what your opinion is based on, as I'm new to the scene. Thanks,


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        The US-428 works fine/reliably for audio and MIDI for me. I have never used a Mia so I can't compare.


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          There's a dude who hangs near the homerecording.com forum who uses the 428 with Cubase, and has a small pro-type studio based on just this setup. His 'handle' is "Circuitrider"- why don't you look him up? Do some research before you toss off the piece you might really dig using... though I admittedly know nothing of MIA. But I've been digging around a lot lately. Still at it.