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    So which is better a condenser mic or a dynamic mic??? Wait no thats not my question. Ok, I've been looking at getting an 8 ch. A/D coverter for my 002r. What should I be looking at? I've checked out apogee, lucid, swissonic and RME. Apogee seems really out of my budget, but RME is looking pretty good. Is there really a huge difference between the apogees or lucids and RME's stuff? And the key question being is it a thousand dollar difference? Also I can't find hardly any info on the swissonics aside from their website. Are they any good?

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    If you are on a budget I would just get the Lynx PCI cards and use the converters on them. They are fantastic. Which platform are you on?
    David Seymour
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      Problem with a PCI card I think is that Pro Tools won't accept 3rd party hardware, so it'd have to be a lightpipe device going into the 002r, or in my case the 001.


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        I was really hoping for some pointers as to the differences in the brands of converters. I know I'm definately not getting a pci card due to obvious reasons. Any help?


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          Just be aware that Digidesign somehow thought it was a good idea to limit the digital inputs to 44.1/48KHz... so forget about getting those 88.2/96 sampling rates and the advantages of outboard A/D and the extra tracks.


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            Just be aware that Digidesign somehow thought it was a good idea to limit the digital inputs to 44.1/48KHz... so forget about getting those 88.2/96 sampling rates and the advantages of outboard A/D and the extra tracks

            Even if you can only go in at 44.1kHz or 48kHz, you can still take advanage of the better quality you get from a good outboard A/D converter. Most will sound better at 44.1kHz than the 002R's converters will sound at 96kHz, although they're not bad.

            The RME stuff is nice...I do like the Apogee stuff more, although we're talking about two to three times the price depending on what yo'ure looking at. I'd just be sure to buy from a place who would take the converter back if you're not convinced it's worth the difference in price.



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              Man I didn't know about all that with digi. DIGIDESIGN YOU BASTARDS!!! Oh well. What the difference in the RME and digi converter? Airy? More Bottom?


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                The Digi 001 interfaces easily with any Alesis style light pipe
                unit. Although the converters in the 001 are decent, there's
                still room for improvement. I also see nothing wrong with
                buying a converter with a higher sample rate. If you do
                decide to upgrade to a 96k system down the road you'll
                still have the hardware in place.

                I recently upgraded to the Swissonic AD96mk2, which is a
                four channel unit, and I am quite pleased with it. They
                also make an 8 channel that only does 44.1 and 48k for
                a little less money. I was told by some dude named
                Otto from Swissonic, that the AD96mk2 was a better
                sounding unit, although the 8 ch. unit is still a good
                improvement over the 001 converters. I decided to
                get the four channel unit, because it will serve me
                for now and down the road, and if I was shelling out
                some bucks for a converter, I didn't want something
                of marginal quality and approaching obsolescence.

                The problem with Swissonic, is that nobody seems to know
                what's going on with them. I read on the Digidesign forum
                a few months ago that the company was going bankrupt,
                but I have no way of substantiating this. Their American
                distributor plus24, has a few B stock demo units left
                that they are selling at a nice discount. They told me
                after these were gone, they wouldn't be getting any new
                units in, and didn't know what would be happening down
                the road. If you look at the company's website, it seems
                that there's been no new information posted since the
                early part of 2002.

                The only other converters that I've listened to extensively
                on the 001, is my friend's older Apogee Rossetta, and I feel
                that the Swissonic was better, especially in 24 bit. The
                Rosetta was almost 2 years old, and it looks like the
                newest generation of AD chips are even better that what
                was around a few years back. Hopefully the new 8 channel
                Rosetta sounds better than it's elder brother.

                I haven't heard the RME or Lucid units. I might check around
                on the Digidesign user's group, or Fletcher's forum. There
                seems to be a little more discussion about converters on
                those sites.
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