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  • S/n Ratio For Mics

    i've been trying to decide on some overheads, and also maybe using condensors for toms aswell. i got to looking a the s/n ratio for the big name stuff like AT, audix, etc and they're claiming 70's and below for the s/n ratio, while the cheaper brands like marshall, studio projects, etc. are claiming 70+ and even 80+. how much merit should be put on the s/n ratio? i really don't have a problem with using the cheaper brands for overheads, but what i'd like to know is how would they sound on toms verses a drum specific mic. for example how would a marshall 603 sound on a tom verses an atm 35 or an audix d-vice? and also how well will the little condensors stand up being used live alot compared to dynamics? and which would you prefer sound wise on toms dynamics or condesors?

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    I wouldn't pay the slighest bit of interest to the S/N - especial in a noiseless digital environment. Worry about how the mic sounds on the source. Get whatever sounds best to you.

    ATM35s stand up fine to regular live use - just be careful with the cables.



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      For drum mics self noise of a mic is meaningless unless of course your mic happens to be broken.

      Self noise of mics can become an issue if you are doing something like classical recording however.