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  • Studio Projects stuff..

    Anyone have any opinions on the VTB-1 preamp or the B1 mic?

    Good starter stuff? Good enough of an investment to not consider it a waste in the future?


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    behold the function called SEARCH!

    In general, sp makes great stuff for cheap $$.


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      Originally posted by MikeD
      In general, sp makes great stuff for cheap $$.

      What MikeD said.

      I've owned a pair of SP B1s for almost a year, and they've turned into my favorite "Swiss Army knife" mics... they do just about everything well. The most amazing thing about them is their retail price of $79 each. If you buy a pair, spend a little extra money for the shock mounts.
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        The Studio Projects B1 is pretty good and I think it's the best mic Studio Projects imports.

        Here's my review:


        There are other mic lines as well such as the Audio-Technica, Shure, Oktava and MXL that put excellent products into this price range as well.

        On the mic pre, the VTB1 is good for its price segment. I prefer to recommend two channel pres and for this price range I think the M-Audio DMP3 seems to be the front runner.

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          Thanks guys. I might pick them up. At the price they are I guess I cant go wrong even if its just to mic my guitar amp (ala Ozraves review).


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            Originally posted by ozraves
            The Studio Projects B1 is pretty good and I think it's the best mic Studio Projects imports.

            i'd agree with steve on this. awsome mic on many, many sources. outshines sm57 by a long shot....
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              I really dig the Studio Projects B1.


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                I recently played a gig with my small acoustic group (guitar, mandolin, stand up bass, melodica and vocals). I used the B1 as the only mic, a la the old bluegrass band type setup. Just ran it though a preamp/compressor to even out the levels just a bit. It worked great! We got many compliments on how great it sounded.

                In the past we had amplifiers for the instruments and vocal monitors. This setup allowed us to play acoustically with no monitors or amps (which is how we rehearse) and we were able to hear each other better than with all the gear.

                The B1 rules!