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M-Audio microphones ... HELP!!!


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  • M-Audio microphones ... HELP!!!

    I'm looking forward to buy a new microphone to record vocals in a reasonable budget mic.

    I'm interested in one of the M-Audio's mics..... the Luna or the Solaris.

    Can any one tell me any comment about them???
    are they goood???
    are they just 'marketing jewels'???

    any budget-like recommendation???

    Thank you!

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    Weird... you'd expect somebody to have commented by now.

    Maybe the affordable LD condensor craze is fading?
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      Too new to tell, I have a friend that wokrs for M-Audio, so what can I say???

      Buy it, if you don't like it retun it. you'll be surprised
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        Ive read good reviews on the Luna, but arent those all totally biased. I dont know, they look nice to me, Id like to try one.


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          I looked at them at NAMM, and they look very well built - but it was too noisey in the convention center to tell what ANYTHING actually sounded like.
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