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    HEy all..

    I checked the sticky at the top of the page but not to much was given in the area of monitors.....I am looking for the best possible monitors under 500.00 with a nice flat responce over the most bands of frequiences....powered or un-powered does not matter....Thanks all..

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    the last few months when I was buying recording equipment, monitors gave me the most questions for some reason. I was really carefull & read many sites & forums to hear opinions. It turned out that with this issue, it was difficult to center in on 1 brand because there are lots of mixed results. I came to the conclusion it's because everybody listens differntly to certain types of sounds or music types in general. I like to rock out & I like live sounding recordings.

    long story short, I went with Event 20/20 Passives that I bought used off eBay for $200. I'm no expert, but do a search for I found good reading on these. So far I like what I hear. They were much bigger than I expected but with the 8" cone...... gives me the punch I like.

    Another thing ...... if you can buy from a music shop with a return policy, then u can test out a bunch to your liking for what may sound good to Harry may not sound good to Mary & vice versa.

    may want to read up on Tannoy too for a cheap option..... some people like these but I havent heard them, just the discusions were insightful.

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      BX8s. Absolutely love 'em! Easy to get for well under 5 bills. Check out eBay. Hell, the stores sell them for $480 I believe.


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        I have been very happy with my Event TR8s. They are in your price range.



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          I've had my Yorkville YSM1-P actives and given them a hard work out for about the last year and a half. They're about $425.00. Here's a few features: DIP switch tone control settings for room compensation, built-in on/off limiting with the button on the back and a red clip light in front, thermal protection with auto-reset... 85 watts to the woofer, 30 watts to the tweeter. Balanced XLR inputs, balanced/unbalanced phone inputs, your choice.

          I found them very accurate and easy to learn. I'm very pleased with them. Best money I've invested in my studio in the last 5 years. Try them if you get a chance.