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getting vocals to cut throught the mix....


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  • getting vocals to cut throught the mix....

    when disortiion kicks in
    the whole mix sounds great until this point, once the distortion comes in though, you can barely hear the vocals, and yes they are turn up in the mix, louder than anything else,
    basic soultuion s to this problem
    i'm using an adat recorder, a mackie 1404 mixer, i have reverb on the vocals coming from a lexicon lxp 15 II post production, i'm using a v-tech mic

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    1st-cut all the 'verb on the vocal until you get 'em to sit properly in the mix.
    2nd-sweep the (I'm assuming)guitar tracks and cut frequencies that interfere with your vocal.


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      Yeah definitely get rid of the reverb. Too much and it will sound like it's in the background. Also, check your eq's. If you got the high mids boosted on your distortion tracks then that could interfere with your vocals since that is where vocal frequencies are most dominate. Good luck
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        Give some stereo spread to the distortion as well. This is a good reason why many people double heavy guitars. Not only does it make them sound HUGE, but you can spread them out and make a nice hole in the middle for vocals to fit into.

        EQ is essential though. Compressing the vocal a bit helps, since the guitars are "compressed" by the overdrive, squashing the vocal allows it to compete with consistent levels.
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          Caveat: I'm an amateur. But I found vocals to be greatly improved with compression. Use lots of it! It really made the difference in my case between something which sounds very amateur and something I'm happy with. In a mix where vocals compete with lots of other stuff, lots of compression and little in the way of reverb or delay are really important. Time-delay effects are one of those things you keep adding, because you think it sounds good and you think your voice needs it, but then you end up ruining the mix.

          I'm using a Joe Meek compressor (which cost me like $200, great investment) while tracking and a software compressor when mixing.


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            Try mixing the rest of your tracks "around" your vox. (i.e start with onjly vox and bring up everything else.


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              Miragelover, where are you recording vocals ? To get cutting vocals try with a small booth with both diffusers (wood) and absorbers, or at least a dead sounding room.
              I had better result with the first than the last one..