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Ideas for home-made noise makers??


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  • Ideas for home-made noise makers??

    Anybody ever make their own percussion instruments?
    Let's hear em...bangers, boomers, clashers, smashers, box drums, shakers, whatever. Ever record any household items? How about bodily parts
    I'm looking for ideas that can be made relatively easy and cheaply or ways to use stuff lying around the house for different effects. Anybody experiment, got some cool ideas?

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    Originally posted by nutsack
    How about bodily parts

    Check your handle

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      Glass 1/2 full of ice
      Stovetop + Metal Pens (fume hood recommended)
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        I used an empty paint can full of nuts and bolts, to make
        a deadly sounding shaker once. Those big cans of popcorn
        that people like to give out at Christmas office parties
        make great hand drums. I had some college buds that used
        to live out in the boonies. In the woods behind their house,
        they had a nice selection of plastic and metal oil drums.
        These were great for bonfire/drumcircle keg parties.

        I've also found that clay flower pots have a nice tone to
        them when hit with a wood stick. Since they come in a
        variety of sizes you can make a tuned set of these. I had
        a row of them hanging from the rafters of my basement. They
        were great, until a friend of mine got too exuberant on them
        during a heavy jam session.
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          I've used a screwdriver running along a metal file. I was looking for an abstract representation of a computer printer grinding away as it was spitting out papers for part of a TV show prelude I was recording.


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            Another great noisemaker is an empty Kodak Carosel slide
            tray, hit or scraped with any handy impement.
            "Consider everything, believe nothing" Elgar.


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              Those 5-gallon plastic water bottles make some nice sounds, depending on the playing tools (I use my hands) and which surface you use.

              I once made a pretty cool shaker out of 4" of PVC pipe, a couple end caps, and 2 packages of brass BBs.
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                Oh, also baby toys that make various noises are good. Go to a toy store for very young kids who get off, like we do, on sounds. Or if you have some friends who have small children. The children won't be terribly pleased to see you are taking their toys, so tell them to go play in the street while you stuff these things down your pants. Oh wait... from the sound of your handle you may not have anymore room down there. Sorry man, you're on your own with this one.


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                  if u wanna get a cool static noise to loop i take my 58 and drag it accross my carpet on its side...the stiffer the carpet the better..haha it works great...dop ot an octave or 2 for extra damage..


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                    Cardboard box with distortion and reverb on the mic recording it.
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                      I've used a slamming closet door for a percussion instrument.

                      I've also miked up a chipboard guitar case for a fake kick drum sound.

                      Both worked really well.


                      PS - As Forum Moderator, I hereby decree that whenever Nutsack posts, someone must immediately reply with a "Thanks, Nutsack!" post. I'm easily amused, and this gets me every time.

                      PPS - Thanks, Nutsack!
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                        Get a large black trash bag. Consume many cans of soda. Fill trash bag with empty soda cans. Tie off top of bag. Hold bag in both hands and shake above your head back and forth.

                        Resulting effect: Satan's Tambourine.
                        Punk in Drublic


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                          I have something pretty cool, it's actually called the "zube tube" got it for a present when I was younger. I think you could make one pretty easy, it's a 3 foot cardboard cylinder (like a mailing tube)with two plastic cups at each end and an expansion spring running the length of it attached to the ends of the two cups. There's a hole in the tube to pluck the spring. The sound it makes is like a crash of lightening that continues echoing and going in and out of phase.


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                            Alright, I've actually got something to contribute this time:

                            I have a collection of cardboard tubes of various sizes. Aside from mic'ing things through them, I stick a mic inside and hit them with a drumstick. Makes a great "log-drum" type sound, with a distinct tone.

                            This is a little unrelated, but once some guys came to my apartment to put a new water heater in. They had to saw through the wall, tear out the old one, and put in the new one. I ran a mic down the stairs while they were working and recorded about 15 minutes of them working. Then I clipped out some awesome, huge percussion samples! Squeaks, clanks, scrapes, slams, clunks, bangs, you name it. Nice stuff.
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                              Hey thanks for all the great ideas and no, I'm not going to be bangin on my own sack
                              Anybody ever make a hand drum or box drum similar to what was used on Tracey Chapman's last hit? (can't remember the name of the song).