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signal chain...studio to live back to studio setup


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  • signal chain...studio to live back to studio setup

    ok, my last post, no reponse, maybe i said too much.

    i'll make it simpler in hopes to get some feedback. thanks in advance!

    how should the signal chain look like if i'm playing live or in my home studio-to-be?

    here's my initial thoughts, please correct or add or remove where you see fit.

    studio/recording setup (those with ?? are the pieces i don't have and are not sure about)
    mic -> pre-amp -> mackie-line-in/mackie-directout -> insert compressor -> some-interface?? -> computer/software???
    at4033->sytek??->mackie-line-in/mackie-directout-> rnc -> ardvarkq10??->pc/protools???

    live setup
    mic -> remove-pre-amp and just use mackie xdr -> aux1 -> insert -> amps -> speakers
    sm58 -> mackie xdr preamps -> alesismidiverb -> rnc -> crowns/qsx -> jbls/bose

    does my signal chain look correct? is this the right way to do it? is there a simpler way?
    can i leave the recording preamps (which i still need to buy) in the signal chain for live gigs? or they should be removed?

    i have a full band that plays live and will record in the studio ala "beatles" style to catch that live feel.
    1) vox1
    2) vox2
    3) backup vox1
    4) backup vox2
    5) keys
    6) 1 guitar
    7) bass
    8) drums

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      i would think that for live use the mackie mixer would be fine..as long as it has enough mic inputs. So you can leave you're sytek at home. As for protools with a Q10 it won't work. Protools has to use digidesign hardware.

      other than that you're signal chain is. some people might put the rnc on the insert of the channel instead of the direct out, but its not a big deal, unless the insert point is before the eq on the mackie. then you'd have the option of compression before or after the eq.
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        thanks for the advise!
        but i'm still trying to find some simple way to go from live to studio setup then back to live.
        i guess that is just not possible, or it is, but is not the right thing to do.

        any other ideas?

        as far as equipment, what should i add then, or replace?