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Rolang VS-1880 or Yamah AW16G

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  • Rolang VS-1880 or Yamah AW16G

    I'm looking for something that I can record all of my ideas with (I have a little tape 4-track but I want to record serious stuff) and I'm leaning towards something all inclusive like the Yamaha or the Roland so that I can multi-track guitar/bass/drum machine/vox and burn it on to a CD so that I can use it as a demo and for mp3's on the comp. My comp doesn't really have the capacity for recording stuff... so I was wondering if either of these two would be a good idea. This would be mainly for home/dorm use, but since it's portable, I figured it might be cool for recording a whole band as well... what do you guys think?
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    The Rolands generally have better effects. I used a 1680 for a couple years and recorded a few local bands on it. It did the job for quite awhile. All in all, the Rolands are a pretty damn solid machine.
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      Roland's are useful machines. I know exactly where you are at as a musician wanting to record good sounding demos. The 1880 has two more usuable tracks and isn't much more. The effects you can get on the Roland are kick ass. I have a new 1880 for sale if you are interested. Email me at back2caliigo2003@yahoo.com if you are interested.


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        definetly the AW16G. it's the best deal for digital recrding in it's price/feature catagory. checkout aw16g.com for any questions you may have about the unit.


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          If you're serious about recording other bands live, investigate a Fostex VF160-CD with a VC-8 or Behringer ADA8000 option. It a great 16-simultaneous-track live recorder for ~$900 (will do 10 simultaneous tracks out of the box if one of your sources is S/PDIF).

          If you need a drum machine you might want to consider a Zoom MRS802CD (~$700) recorder with one built in.

          Lot's of good stuff out there, all with pluses and minuses.

          Good luck,


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            Go with the AW16G; it's easier to use than the VS-1880, and the VS-1880 is discontinued. It also has some quirky "popping" problems when using the effects board that Roland hasn't corrected.
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              how many tracks do you need to record at the same time ??

              also, how many tracks will you need ??