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  • Inexpensive effects units

    I'm in the market for an inexpensive effects processor. I need one with reverbs and delays, everything else is icing on the cake. So far I have found the following more or less interesting units for under $150:

    loose boxes:
    Alesis picoVerb $79
    Alesis nanoVerb $99
    ART MR-1 $99 or so
    Alto alphaVerb $99 or so

    rack gear:
    Fostex DE-10 $129
    Nady SDP-20 $129
    Behringer Virtualizer Pro 2024P $129
    Alto betaVerb $145

    There are older things one can pick up on ebay, and there are some other boxes that didn't seem so interesting. I don't want a pedal.

    The only ones I have seen reviews for are the Alesis units, the Alto alphaVerb and the Behringer.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards rack gear because I can imagine a time when I'd want some other units as well, so might as well put them in the same rack.

    Anyone know anything about the Fostex, the Nady or the betaverb?


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    Check out the Lexicon MPX100. You can find them on ebay for pretty cheap. Also you can go into a Guitar Center these days and get a TC Electronics M300 for $199. This is a great box!!