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Mic stand for AT2020?


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  • Mic stand for AT2020?

    I got a free AT2020 mic with a purchase from MF and went to go put it on my mic-stands today and found that the stand attachment it comes with has a small threaded connector. Both of my mic stands, as well as my SM57, have a much larger threaded connector. As a result, the 2020 doesn't fit on either of my stands.

    What stands do people use for this mic? Is there an adaptor to "normal" mic stands that I need to buy? Is there something I should look for in descriptions of stands to indicate the smaller threaded connector?


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    The smaller threaded hole in the stand mount is probably an insert. It may have a line across it to put in a flathead screwdriver, or you may be able to turn it with your fingers. A lot of new mic come with one of those screwed into the bigger size threaded hole, so it's just a matter of taking that insert out and putting the mic on the stand.
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      Wow, you're exactly right. It's an insert. When i take it out, it fits my mic stands. Thank you SO much!

      Sigh. All they had to do was explain that in the "manual". Oh well.

      Thanks again!!!!!!!!