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Criticize away...

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  • Criticize away...


    I'd really like to hear what you guys hear in this.

    If I'm honest, it's the best mix I ever did of my full band playing live.

    Your advice, thoughts and criticism would be very well received.
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  • #2
    nice work.

    I like the drum sounds and the piano a lot.

    reminds me of old brit pop/rock, Mott the Hoople, Bowie...maybe a little ?

    does "live" mean no overdubs?
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      Nice mixing, well balanced all around


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        Cheers... I can't decide if the drums are too loud, but seemingly not. I'm just listening to them too hard, maybe.

        Er, it's nearly live... only the vocals were done later.

        Thanks for your comments... any more about anything very welcome.

        Our old stuff's here if anyone's interested:


        but it's mainly been done a track at a time to a click into a PC.
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