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Roland 2400/2480 Spectrum Alalyzer

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  • Roland 2400/2480 Spectrum Alalyzer


    Found an interesting article on mixing and mastering:


    Would like to know how I can apply his grid approach to the onboard analyzer of my Roland 2400?

    Any ideas on how I can do this?


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    I wouldn't take that advice too seriously. I roughly agree with the grid philosophy of assigning everything a place, but many of those statements I would disagree with. (At least when applied to a normal mixing session). For general advice on programming a General Midi box, this is fairly good advice. E.g. - recommding only one reverb over the whole mix is dodgy for serious recording. But if you are limited to only Roland reverb, I tend to agree you should be very sparing, and not mix multiple instances of the same.

    You have to mix with your ears first. I like to use a spectrum analyser of a whole mix, to aim for a flat curve. Even then, you need to know what 'flat' really means - maybe a 3 or 4 dB per octave slope. A good spectrum analyser will let you choose.


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      The best analyzer comes with a great stereo mic, with perfectly matched elements, placed either side of your head. Your eyes can hear deceivingly, don't trust them.

      I regularly turn off the video monitors when mixing, so I can't be tricked by the visuals.


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        Thanks. I'll give it some thought...