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mid-side stereo technique questions


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  • mid-side stereo technique questions

    I've been experimenting with this technique and I've been blown away by how great it sounds!!! I have read that one of the advantages of this tequnique is that it is entirely mono compatible... but if I understand correctly, when the stereo signal is collapsed to mono the phase reversed ambient information from the figure 8 mic cancels itself out, leaving only the mid channel. What if the ambient information is rather important to the mix? Is there anyway to preserve this information when the mix gets summed to mono?

    apart from M-S micing: if I record with a room mic, double the track and reverse the phase of that doubled track, pan hard left and right... well, I always love this sort of sound but I'm terrified of what will happen when everything goes back to mono. Is there anyway to use a technique like this and get past the dissapearing magic phase trick? Maybe a by using a certain ms delay between ears would do it?

    here's some basics of how M/S works for anyone interested:

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    anyone know what would be a good # of milliseconds to delay one ear so ambient information from the side is preserved in mono? Am I really off in wanting to do this? I've been experimenting with the delay a little and it seems like it could work... of course anything below 12 ms or so is really combed sounding! Any magic numbers?