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  • headphone vs. in ear

    ok, in know decent monitors would be better to mixing my stuff. but i have problems with volume, so i need to use phones.
    i always used standard headphones (mainly sennheisers) but with some many high end in ear options available now, are they a better choice?
    for sound, less weight and better comfort...

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    In ear like sure stuff are very expensive and arent really suitable for recording. You really need hi end headphones to make any kind of difference. Even then your depth perception is never going to be proper. You need to constantly A/B a prerecorded track to keep your bearings on instrument placement/depth etc. A set of small monitors like Beheringer C1s plugged into a home stereo would be much better. You can still do great mixing without blowing the doors off the place. 85db is whats recomended cause you can hear all the instruments properly but you can still hear pretty good at lower volumes.