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  • Martin Hannett's production style

    I've really been enjoying Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division lately. Incredibly haunting and beautiful. The production is brilliant. This isn't one of those posts where I want to know exactly what gear they used so I can do a copycat. I just want to know if anyone has any reflections of this unique visionary; technical or otherwise. Please, no flames or smarmy hipster putdowns for my curiosity.

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    Have you seen the movie Control which came out last year? It's about Ian Curtis's life. There's some cool studio scenes, including one where they are recording the album version of She's Lost Control. Steven Morris (the drummer) is using short bursts from a spray can straight into the mic to get that "snare" sound on 2 and 4.


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      Great stuff. Great music. Great time.

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        IIRC there is some good information on the Joy Division in the studio (may be in the Trevor Horn section) of Rip It Up and Start Again - which is also an excellent read if you enjoy the English Post-Punk scene.
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          Hannet described his sound as "a certain disorder in the treble range". I got a compilation of tracks he made in the late 70's early 80's and there were really interesting drawing / production notes on the cover. I'll have to see if I can track them down.

          I made another post about the "dolby a" effect; recording with the dolby on and playing back with it off. In one interview Hannett mentions how the early doors records used this technique to get that crisp punchy sound. This sounds stellar on vocals from what I hear. It adds a compression and distortion to the high range.

          He also used really miniscule delay lines. He was one of the first to use digital delay in this way.


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            Unknown Pleasures and Closer are among my favorite records! Great stuff. Total weirdness, ugliness and beauty combined! Hannett was a pretty eccentric bloke from what i've heard. He used to turn the radiator all the way up to get everyone really uncomforftable and on edge, and get the drummer really pissed off so he would hit his drums harder in anger!
            He also made Stephen Morris record his drums one piece at the time on some tracks to get that "extra clean" sound
            He put out some great stuff but was probably a total nightmare to work with.