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M-Audio Studiophile BX5a vs JBL LSR 2328P 8"


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  • M-Audio Studiophile BX5a vs JBL LSR 2328P 8"

    I'm pretty new at recording, and i need to buy monitors. [using head phones] i'm recording guitars with an sm57 to a mesa roadster/orange cab.. also plan on recording drums and vocals. [have a presonus firepod and am using cubase] I see the Jbl comes with subs. is this a plus? Based on best value and reviews ive narrowed it down to these two though i am open to suggestions in the 200-300 dollar price range. I record death metal, some jazz, and some rock.

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    is that an EACH price on the JBLs? I suspect it is. I am sure both would work, once you are used to them. PERSONALLY, I'd go for the JBLs based on the fact that JBL has made many, many ranges of highly respected professional studio monitoring systems over decades. M-Audio to me seems like a cheaper home "Wannabee" company with their gear [yes, they have decent stuff - I'm looking at some on my desk right now, but they have not been in the pro-monitoring making business for studios worldwide like JBL has]


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      oh darn. guess theyre selling them 200 each..
      pictures are super misleading.


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        that seems like a REAL GOOD price-to-power deal. if they sound good, could be a new level of cheap quality