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Apogee Ensemble or Apogee Duet?


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  • Apogee Ensemble or Apogee Duet?

    Sorry if this has already been done before but I typed in Ensemble/ Duet into the search function and didn't get much.

    I'm thinking about getting either an Apogee Ensemble or Duet to use w/ Logic 8. I never record more than one track at a time so don't have need for many mic inputs. This leads me to think the Duet is a better choice for me...but...sound quality will be very important to my decision...is the sound quality from the Ensemble going to be much better than that I get from the Duet?

    Is the sound quality from both going to be better than that I get from my Digi 002?

    I would be interested to hear any thoughts/comments on either system.

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    I guess I'm wanting to know if there is any major reason for me to select the Ensemble over the Duet for my purposes...something I might be missing.


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      Sound quality is about the same on either the duet or the ensemble. Both sound way better then the digi.

      The price difference is huge, if you'r eonly every doing 1 track then the duet is fine.

      The advantage of the ensemble is that you could connect it via ADAT lightpipe to your digi so you have all the benefit of the apogee converters and preamps but still use pro tools. Without going through the digi, you can't use pro tools so will have to use a different DAW.



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        yeah the duet is basically a 2 channel version of the ensemble.
        Same preamp and converters.

        I have the duet. It's awesome.
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          Yeah, as far as i'm aware, you'll get the same quality with the Duet as you would the Ensemble. It would be a waste of money to get the Ensemble if you're only recording 1-2 tracks at a time.

          I have a Duet and it sounds great! Works really well, is very stable and have had few issues with it.
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